Maxpedition Gear was founded in California in 2003, to unify the states of Tim Tang. The name of the company is a linguistic combination of two words, maximum and expedition that corresponds to a list of high-quality and highly functional products used in camping or for outdoor activities.

Maxpedition Gear and especially Maxpedition bags are extremely user-friendly, designed for ease of use and comfort through an ergonomic design.

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Maxpedition Gear

The company provides the highest quality, durability and functionality through its products. Maxpedition Gear offers a variety of product lines including advanced backpacks, rivets, bags, knives and covers.

The company uses advanced technology and advanced product creation techniques to develop external accessories and equipment.

It is recognized worldwide as a famous manufacturer of tactical packages such as:

    • bags
    • cases of military personnel
    • tactical products for law enforcement
    • Special gear for security personnel.

Maxpedition Gear Products Quality

Maxpedition Company offers high quality products tested in every production method to ensure quality, longevity, durability and reliability. The product is tested in a controlled and controlled environment that allows production evaluation to be limited to parameters.

Since the company has a place in the manufacture of storage bags, all geometric and matrix shapes are monitored to ensure the quality of the design.

Maxpedition offers Highest quality building materials for great durability

High speed accessories and tools are manufactured with the best quality materials. The belt is made of polyurethane with heavy duty nylon, Kadex and Kodra fabric. The company offers a wide range of different types of stainless steel and carbon steel knives.

Who buys Maxpedition Gear?

Maxpedition products meet the needs of

    • outdoor travelers
    • pedestrians
    • campers
    • adventure seekers
    • supporters
    • enthusiasts.

With a series of bags that sell some bags, it is very popular throughout the market. Since 2003, the company has worked meticulously and is dedicated to expanding its product catalog.

What Maxpedition Offers?

The company offers so many products like, Pouches, Bags, EDC items, Backpacks & accessories including shoulder pads, toiletry bags etc.

Maxpedition Gear’s brands

maxpedition, maxpedition gear, maxpedition for sale Maxpedition Gear and especially Maxpedition bags are extremely user-friendly, designed for ease of use and comfort through an ergonomic design.

The company offers 3 brands with SERIES at the end, each having huge variety of products catering to needs to different customers most of them are US Made.

You will find the Origin of each product in Additional description section of each product page. The three brands are perceived well among the users of this brand which resulted in good word of much leading to more sales.

Legacy Series

Innovative from the start, Maxpedition gained a competitive edge in its early years by creating bags and packages with superior durability and ergonomic design, such as the Versipack® and Gearslinger® series.

Their first clients were the United States armed forces and SWAT personnel seeking rugged kit to survive the most extreme of situations.

As their reputation among professionals, emergency preparedness, and concealed carry markets quickly captured, so did the selection of Maxpedition products such as your preferred (everyday Carry) EDC and survival gear.

AGR – Gear Advanced Research Series

In 2016 and in 2017, Maxpedition launched and then expanded Gear Advanced Research ™ (AGR ™) revolutionary line, and take advantage of new technologies and personal materials, and custom components to create a fabricated array of products unmatched.


In 2018, Maxpedition Entity ™ introduced a series of undercover hide-bearing products. Centered around our non-tactical / tactical concept (NTT), the new entity line focuses on discreet concealment tolerances for undercover operators and willing citizens who choose to be unnoticed.

A sleek, modern, exterior look of the properties usually associated with internal “tactical look” masks optimized to organize and prepare situational.

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