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Frost Cutlery & Knives founded by (Late) Jim Frost and was known for knives, axes and survival tools. Shop Frost Cutlery & Knives for Sale with lowest prices online today with us at Chicago Knife Works

Frost Cutlery a well-known cutlery brand for offering affordable quality knives, axes, hatches, folding knives, machetes, pocket knives, straight razors and sheaths for everyday users & collectors mainly in USA, Canada.

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Frost Cutlery items for sale

Frost Cutlery Co

Frost Cutlery was founded in 1968 by Late Jim Frost (1941-2021). He was born in November 1941 and started working as third shift worker at Farmers Chemical plant.

He started selling knives in his lunch bucket where he was at work. It grew from his lunch bucket to his car trunk then to his garage and later to a 4 large warehouses in just 10 years.

Frost Cutlery owns many other brands as on date 2023 and all brands are part of Frost Cutlery Co.

Frost Cutlery brand

During 1978, he started importing knives under the name of Frost Cutlery. Jim Frost’s journey of 40 years in knife industry where it was his hobby turned out to be a multi-million dollars business which now employs 100 plus employees at its facility in Ooltewah near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Frost Cutlery continues to grow as they understand the needs of their customers, market trends and their continuous hard work and innovation to design the products their customer wants.

Being in 50 years since its beginning, today Frost Cutlery has more than 50 world renowned brands in their brands with 100 plus business associates. While the brand Frost Cutlery is known as some of the world’s finest cutlery made in the world.

Frost Cutlery & Knives

The success of Frost Cutlery is credited not only to Jim Frost but also to the employees, including his wife Beverly & his son Stephen, who have played a key role in overseeing all business operations.

Frost Knives dedication and patience is impressive and his long standing in office is a testament to power. However, Jim Frost can be described as one of his greatest motivations because he enjoys the friendliest relationships with his team members and facilitators.

“Whenever I get a chance to talk to young people, I tell them that the people who discover, listen, learn and use the intelligence of others are some of the smartest people in the world”. Late Jim Frost

His leadership skills played a key role in increasing work time requirements, motivation & efficiency of his employees.

Brands owned by Frost Cutlery

To best of our Knowledge, frost cutlery has more than 50 world renowned brands as of today few of the most popular are as under:

  1. Hen & Rooster
  2. German Bull
  3. Steel Warrior
  4. Chip away Cutlery
  5. Whitetail Cutlery
  6. Uncle Lucky
  7. Bill Dance Outdoors
  8. Ocoee river cutlery and many more!

Frost Cutlery for Sale – Up to 45% off on All in Stock

Every product sold by Frost Cutlery is designed and manufactured with premium quality materials. As the brand has massive product range of over 1200 plus frost cutlery knives, swords, hatches, Bowie etc.

Frost Knives never let their customers disappointed in terms of product range and quality being offered. You can have Up to 45% off on all in stock 1200 plus frost cutlery products at Chicago Knife Works, as we offer the lowest prices online.

  • Frost Cutlery Fixed Blade Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Bowie Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Daggers & Neck Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Machetes
    • Frost Cutlery Throwing Knives
    • Frost Gut-Hook Knives
    • Frost Skinner Knives
  • Frost Cutlery Folding Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Barlow Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Choctaw Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Coke Bottle Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Coke Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Congress Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Diamond Back Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Doctors Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Folding Hunter Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Jack Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Leg Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Muskrat Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Range Rider Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Saddle horn Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Stockman Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Toothpick Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Traditional Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Trapper Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Utility Pocket Knives
    • Frost Cutlery Wrangler Pocket Knives
  • Frost Cutlery Compasses & Navigation
  • Frost Cutlery Axes
  • Frost Cutlery Fire Starters – Ferro Rods
  • Frost Cutlery Saws
  • Frost Cutlery Swords
  • Frost Cutlery Straight Razors
  • Frost Cutlery Tools & More

Where are Frost Cutlery Knives manufactured?

Currently, Frost Cutlery Knives are manufactured in Pakistan, China, and Germany & also in USA. Most of the limited edition products produced by Frost Cutlery are embodied by Jim Frost himself, which reflects his understanding of the knife industry.

What kind of steel does Frost Cutlery use?

Frost Cutlery uses (3Cr13, 4116, 420, 440 & 440C) all stainless steel in their blades mostly, but you will also find Carbon steel & Damascus steel in their knives with different blade finish from bead blast, Titanium coatings.

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