Buck knives are trusted for generations for their sharp edges, ruggedness and durability with forever warranty. Shop Buck Knives for Sale!

Buck Knives is US knife manufacturers known for combat knives, hunting knives, pocket knives and custom knives.

Buck Knives, Buck Knife, Buck Knives for sale
Buck Knives for sale

Buck Knives

In 1902 Hoyt Buck, a young Kansas blacksmith who was looking ways to temper steel for its longer edge retention by making knives from worn-out file blades as raw material.

His knife making skills were well received during world 2 and in 1945, when his son Al Buck, relocated from Pacific Northwest to San Diego, CA after serving in NAVY, they setup a shop H.H. Buck & Sons.

Buck Knives Inc.

Hoyt Buck, died in 1949 and till that time, Al & Hoyt were making each knife by hand and stamping them with Buck letters separately.

From 1950, the H.H.Buck & Sons began manufacturing knives on much larger scale and started their distribution through dealers rather than through direct mail for their customers.

In 1961, Buck Knives Inc. was incorporated and Al introduced his son Chuck & his wife Lori in the company. As, Al taught his son about knife making from childhood and in 1964, their revolutionary Knife ”  Model 110 Folding Hunter” made them leaders in their field.

Chuck worked hard during his life as President & CEO of the company and in 1999, he handed over the Buck Knives Inc. to his son CJ while he took the position of Chairman of the Board till his death in 2015. While his wife Lori, is still a member of Board of Directors and mostly seen in promoting the company products in USA.

Now, Buck Knives is owned and ran by 4th Generation, CJ being the current President & Chairman moved the company to much greater scales with proper production lines starting in 1978, making sure, their knives hold the highest level of edge retention and each knife being produced gets same attention to detail with no compromise on quality.

Buck Knives are 120 brand with experience in knife making and have used this time to the perfection of producing stronger blades. As the Company has patented their heat treatment process which makes their blades hold edge for longer and make them much easier to re-sharpen. That is why each Buck Knife came with forever warranty.

Buck Knives for Sale

Over the years, the company has reached a product catalogue of 250 plus products which are on sale at Chicago knife works with discount up to 25% off, free shipping and even few products also qualify buy 1 item and get 2 free gift items. Buck Knives for sale includes:

  • Buck fixed blade knives
  • Buck folding Pocket Knives
  • Buck Axes & Hatchets
  • Buck Saws
  • Buck fire Starters
  • Buck Knife Sharpeners
  • Buck fillet knives
  • Buck Knife Sheaths
  • Buck traditional Pocket Knives
  • Buck Toothpick Pocket Knives
  • Buck Trapper Pocket Knives
  • Buck Straight Razors and much more
  • Buck Knives Apparel
    • It includes apparels & accessories with Buck logo on them for example
      • Buck T shirts
      • Buck Caps
      • Buck fishing gloves

Are Buck Knives good?

Buck Knives are good unknown for their ergonomics, quality, fit and finish with greater edge retention through their patented heat tempering of steel blades at their manufacturing facility.

Where are Buck Knives made now?

Almost 86% of their knives are made in USA at their manufacturing facility in Idaho, whereas remaining are made abroad mostly china. As for Buck Knives, T shirts, Caps, fishing gloves and other apparels they are made in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Honduras & Nicaragua. For Leather Sheaths mostly made in Mexico. (To the best of our knowledge)

Are Buck Knives strong?

Buck Knives are known for producing high quality and affordable knives with 420 stainless steel. These are super sharp and work accordingly but they are not considered ultimate strongest knives.

Are Buck Knives made in China any good?

All Buck Knives come with forever warranty, even the Chinese made knives. The quality and finish is great but the blade heat tampering is not the same as done on US made knives. It’s simply a tradeoff between both when it comes to price you pay.

Are buck knives stamped?

Yes Buck Knives are stamped. In their earlier time in 1900s, All 4 letters were separately stamped. From 1961, it was replaced by one piece stamp. From 1986 onwards, they started putting unique symbol representing a year of its manufacturing.

Who owns Buck knife?

Buck Knife (Buck Knives Inc.) is a 4th generation family owned business. CJ Buck the great grandson of Hoyt Buck is current CEO while Paul Bos is Chairman of the $80 million company.

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