Hand Tools

Hand tools are extremely fundamental for everyday use. They have been utilized by people since known history and people have used them for different jobs in their daily routine work just like today.

Barebones living is known for such tools. Every thing they made is fastidiously thought out in-house by our group of enthusiastic designers. Before these hand tools being sent to market, these products are tested, and once they love it and reach their optimal then these products are mass produced and being sold in markets.

For example

Hand Cultivator by Barebones Living is built to rake through thick, rough soil and eliminate weeds effortlessly. 

  • Ideal for cleaning and preparing the nursery. 
  • Ergonomic plan 
  • Heat-treated tempered steel prongs 
  • Pecan handle 

Similarly, the hearty prongs of the Barebones Cultivator rake through thick, rough soil and eliminate weeds effortlessly.

  • Its solid handle makes for open to clearing and prepping, while its tempered steel prongs guarantee long stretches of weighty and effective use. 
  • Rust proof 
  • Heat-treated tempered steel 
  • Pecan handle 
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Prongs can be resharpened on a case by case basis 

Hand Tools for Sale  

Hand and power tools are a typical piece of our regular day to day use and are available in essentially every industry. These hand tools assist us with effectively performing tasks that generally would be troublesome or for very difficult to complete if done with bare hands. 

You can now buy hand tools online with good quality. 


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