Fallkniven Knives

Fallkniven Knives are truly among the finest knives in the world by Peter Hjortberger since 1984 manufactured in Sweden.

We offer 180+ Fallkniven knives including Fallkniven fixed blades & fallkniven pocket knives for sale.

You can also buy other Fallkniven Knives items such as sheaths, sharpening stones etc from us as we have them in our stock.

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fallkniven knives for Sale

Fallkniven Knives

Fallkniven is a knives manufacturer based in Sweden, founded in 1984 by Peter Hjortberger. Fallkniven means “folding knife” in Swedish

The company is renowned for providing high quality survival knives for Swedish military and security personnel. The company’s F-1 knife model was added in 1995 as an official life knife for pilots in the Swedish Air Force.

Right now Fallkniven S1X and S1XB is being used by US Marines and Navy. If you want to read a complete review on S1XB survival knife have a look. Given we have both the Options with us.

You can buy Fallkniven S1X and S1xB which is DLC coated from us at the lowest price.

Fallkniven Knives Offers

  • Outdoor knives
  • Sheaths
  • Kitchen knives
  • Sharpener knives
  • Hunting knives

The company started designing and selling knives in 1987 and now operates under Eric Hjortberger, son of Peter Hjortberger. This brand shares well with many famous knives makers around the world. Initially, the F-1 knife was manufactured by Linder Solingen in Germany and then Seki Japan. Fällkniven Fixed Blade Knife Knife Making Company, developed by Hattori.

High quality knives trusted by the Swedish army

The company’s exclusive manufacturing unit has been dedicated to serving the King of Sweden, Karl XVI Gustav, since 1999. The company has also been awarded by the King

 Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden

Fallkniven Knives Trusted by Swiss Military

Valuable products made of advanced raw materials. Most knife blades are made of VG10 steel and laminated stainless steel.

The catalog contains many handles made of materials that provide the operator with great comfort and anti-slip grip.

The handle materials include steel bones, microarta, thermuron, balloon / zealt, mother of pearl (mop), carbon fiber and leather.

Most diamond-woven tops have one side and ceramic on the other, giving the product a sophisticated look.

Who should buy Fallkniven Knives?

Fällkniven Knives offers a wide range of products and effectively meets the needs of

  • hikers,
  • campers,
  • military,
  • travelers,
  • professionals
  • amateurs.

You can buy more than 150 plus models of Fallkniven Knives from chicago Knife Works. We have original Fallkniven Knives for sale at discounted prices with worldwide shipping.

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