Shovels and Spades

Shop shovels and spades with heavy duty construction for exceptional strength and durability from your favorite outdoor brands.

These shovels and spades are ideal for digging, scooping, scraping & more.

Difference Between Shovel and Spade

The shovel blade is typically larger than the spade blade.

The blade of a spade typically has straight edges and is relatively flat.

It is smaller than a shovel, but the size varies depending on how it is used, and the blade is more likely to be parallel to the shaft than angled in the opposite direction. 

A shovel is a digging tool that can also be used to move loose, granular materials like snow, dirt, gravel, or grain from one location to another. Digging straight-edged holes or trenches, cutting and lifting sod, and edging flower beds or lawns are all tasks that can be accomplished with a spade. 

A shovel’s blade is the part of the tool closest to the ground that makes contact with it. 

Shovels and Spades for Sale

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