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Case Cutlery built with integrity for people of integrity. Shop Case Cutlery knives, accessories, apparel, and knife cases by W.R. Case & Sons Company online.

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Case Cutlery knives, accessories, apparel, and knife cases by W.R. Case & Sons Company

Case Cutlery built with integrity for people of integrity

WR Case & Sons Cutlery Company  (Case Cutlery or Case Knives ) is an American manufacturer of traditional pocket knives, fixed blades / sports knives, kitchen knives, limited souvenirs and collectibles. The company began in the late 20th century in Little Valley, New York, before moving to its current headquarters, Bradford, Pennsylvania, in 1905.

The company’s name, William Russell Case, was first named with his brothers at Knives, Case Brothers Cutlery. His son, John Russell (“Russia”), worked as a seller in his father’s company before the founding of WR Case & Sons.

The Case Cutlery company’s roots stretched in 1889, when Case Brothers – William Russell (WR), Jane, John, and Andrew Case, formerly working at the Cattaraugus Cutlery Company, sold cutlery from the back of the vehicle in various small villages in western New York. Started. In January 1900, the brothers joined to form the Case Brothers Cutlery Company.

Case Cutlery – Case Knives

The case created John Russell, which took the company in the name of his father, William Russell (“W.R.”), W. Created by Case & Sons because they are popular nowadays.

By the time the company moved to Pennsylvania in 1905, the four brothers had established their own brand. The company’s original plant in Little Valley, New York, was burned in 1912.

Since the beginning of World War I, Case has made military knives for American soldiers and women, including the M3 Fighting Knife and the V42 Stiletto (later, the Devil’s Brigade).

During Molly Brown’s 1965 flight, astronauts Gus Grissom and John Young used special knives on NASA’s space mission.

The company was founded with the brand Alcova hardcore Cutlery in 1949 under the name Alcas (a combination of Alcova and Case).

Alcova would buy stakes in the company in 1972, and Alcas management bought the company from Alcova in 1982, now known as Katko Corporation.

Case Cutlery currently owns Zippo Manufacturing Company, another Bradford-based company.

Hardening of domestic steel blades using special heat treatment methods. Knife handles are made from a number of natural materials such as Brazilian cattle bone, Indian deer, buffalo horn, old giant elephant, mother of pearls, exotic hardwood and precious stones. Other components of knives are used in the manufacture of copper, nickel and silver.

Many people collect case knives as a hobby. This practice came from Tang Stamp’s unique dating system, which the company used in the late 19th century. Case Collectors Club today has 18,000 members.

Case Cutlery Knife Case Patterns

The list of knife-case patterns has been fairly stable throughout its history, although many new design cases have been patented in recent years. Some of them include: Slam Lock, Trapper, Tiny Trapper, Baby Dock, Tribal Lock, Copper Lock, Russia Lock, Baby Butbbone, Cheetah, Cheetah Cub, Hobo, Sodbuster, Macau, Mini-Black Horn, X-Changer.

When the axle (54HB) is closed, it meets a normal hunter. The handle separates the knife, fork, spoon and bottle opener separately. The case produced two different types of Hebdo (’51 and ’52) from the early 20th century to the 1940s. These cans are made using two holes, a spoon of soup, a three-dimensional fork, and a knife blade with two of the four utensils. The case was resubmitted in 1983 to Hobo.

Copper Lock Pattern

In 1997, Case made a copper lock. Developed by Tom Hart, Copper Lock (549L) combines old canine knife patterns to create an entirely new knife with elements that completely close the blade. The case celebrated Cooper Locke’s 10th birthday in 2007. This pattern was discontinued in July 2008 in Case XXVault.

Case Cutlery’s SlimLock Knife

This lock was originally a tribute to the case of John Russell in 2005. Each knife has a stamp of “JRC” leg (John Russell case) and a padded lining. The first prominent BG-42 iron code was issued in 2006 by a second family containing samples of Damascus codes.

Case Cutlery’s Cheetah Knife

The cheetah is the only knife with the swing guard. Throughout its existence, it was developed with or without a swing protector, and without and without a locking mechanism. After the model number, some modern knives are sealed with “L”, indicating that the blade is closed when opened in 2002 after a gap of 20 years.

Case Cutlery’s Russ Lock

Russ Lock (953L) debuted in 2000. This lock pattern includes a lining and a jumping arm for easy opening with one hand. “Lock Russia” was inspired by Jack Knife (028), a retirement model 40 years ago. Designed by the late knife maker Tommy Hart, named after William Russell (Russia). The sample number (1953) represents the year of the Russian case.

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