Grips Customization

Shop Grips Customization such as Self Cling Wraps, Pistol Grips and other related items in this section with lowest prices.

Self-cling wraps are Those wraps grip just to themselves, so express farewell to tacky tape buildup.

Crisis Clinical Items (EMP) conveys a wide determination of Self Disciple Wraps from top brands like. We are offering a variety of products related to grip customization. 

These are made to  

  • Disguise and safeguard weapons, extensions, blades and gear with this self-sticking and cement free cover wrap 
  • Continue banging items calm utilizing this uncompromising stretch texture wrap; one roll (2″x144″) covers one standard rifle or shotgun 
  • Wash and reuse wrap on numerous occasions, and it won’t leave a tacky buildup when eliminated; accessible in different camo designs 
  • Further develop grasp and protect hands with this adaptable wrap that adjusts to any shape 
  • Bundling might change 
  • Folding vertical grip helps upward hold and gives hives a characteristic grasp while getting the rifle up to rest your shoulder in the legitimate structure to control pull back. Individuals without vertical grasp as a rule balance out their rifle utilizing the mag well or by basically holding the handguard. 


Providing the best quality products with guaranteed products. 

At Chicago Knife Works you will find a nice selection of grip customization. 

We have a huge variety of products available online from different renowned brands making sure you will find what you are looking for.  



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