Knife Lubricants / Oil Grease

Shop knife oils, knife lubricants, and cleaners that will keep your knife working and looking good. These also improve the overall efficiency of knives.

Regardless of you being a knife enthusiast or someone holding it for the first time, cleaning of your knives is very important.

If skipped, it may hamper the functioning of your knife, or it may make your knife non-functional.

If a fancy knife is kept in water for too long, it would corrode the synthetic handles even.

In a scenario like this, opt for the best selection of lubricants. Easy to apply, lubricants and oils tend to clean your knives and also improve the overall efficiency.

What brands are manufacturing Knife Lubricants?

Following are the main brands we have their products with us which are known best for their knife lubricants and accessories related to it.

  1. Birchwood Casey
  2. Boker
  3. Breakthrough Clean
  4. Case Cutlery
  5. Clenzoil
  6. DMT
  7. Eagle Tears USA
  8. EDCi
  9. EKS Solingen
  10. Flitz
  11. FrogLube
  12. Gatco
  13. Knife Pivot Lube
  14. Lansky
  15. PrOlix
  16. Real Avid
  17. Red Eyed Hog
  18. Remington
  19. Sentry
  20. United Cutlery
  21. Vibra-Tite
  22. Wesn Goods
  23. Wicked Wax
  24. Windlass
  25. Wolf Premium Oils

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