Shop pruning shears which are manual tools featuring sharp blades for clipping stems and small branches. We offer a wide variety of Pruning tools for you to fit your need

Trim over grown plants in your garden or yard with pruning tools such as garden shears. These tools are for clipping hedges, plants and tree branches to keep greenery groomed on your property.

Pruning Shears should have comfortable handles to give users a good grip and to reduce hand strain. These hand pruners and other small garden clippers can fit inside tool boxes and bags for various outdoor projects.

Pruning Shears Vs bypass Pruners

Pruning shears come in either an anvil or bypass version. Anvil shears crush stems and branches to remove overgrowth where as bypass pruners slice through branches so you can preserve the parts of the plant or tree that you don’t want to remove.

What are the uses for hand pruners?

You can use hand pruners for both outdoor gardening and indoor flower arrangements. They’re handheld and make it easy to trim branches and plant stems.

What’s the difference between shears and pruners?

The main difference between these two tools is usually in size. You might use the terms shears, pruners and pruning shears interchangeably, but true pruners or pruning shears are smaller and designed for one-handed use — for cutting away small portions of a plant, such as a branch or a bloom.

While there are small shears for trimming grass, the term shears most properly applies to larger, two-handed tools that allow you to remove more material with each cut, such as when you’re trimming a hedge.

Both shears and pruners can cut branches and stems, but shears may be better for larger projects.

How do I choose garden scissors?

Your choice of garden scissors should depend on what you’ll be cutting. A small pair of pruning shears will work for stems and twigs in a home garden, but you might need bigger garden clippers to trim large bushes and shrubs.

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