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Buckles are fasteners that join two ends of a belt, strap, or other item to keep it secure, tie down cargo, or seal something. Belts are typically fastened with buckles.   

A metal-frame buckle may frequently catch in belt holes. To fasten a belt, the end may be woven through the buckle at times. Also, other belt clasps snare to affix the belt.  

Buckles can be covered in fabric, adorned with rhinestones, or intricately carved or molded, all of which can be very decorative. Females favored bone and shell buckles at the turn of the 20th century. Western belt buckles might be the largest and most ornate.   

Belt buckles have been in use since ancient times and have never gone out of style. They haven’t changed much over time. They serve a purpose as an accessory.  

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Belt buckles are a kind of accessory that lets you make your belt fit for a specific event. Another belt clasp likewise expands the lifetime of your cowhide belt.  

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