Winkler Knives

Winkler Knives manufactures high-performance fixed blade knives for hunters, travelers, campers, fishermen, and outdoor professionals.

The brand was founded by Daniel Winkler, a well-known knife maker, and was managed by Daniel’s wife, Karen Schock.

Daniel began knife-making in 1975 and in 1988 became a professional blacksmith.

In 1993, he majored in Blade smith from the American Blade smith Society to pursue a professional knife hobby.

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Winkler Knives Company

The Winkler knives Company or Winkler knives II is known for its visually striking features, such as a skeleton or conical handle, multi-selective transport system and caseloads without any reflection.

A team of experienced craftsmen with Danielle manufactures handmade knives and axes that are extremely durable and highly functional.

The company worked with specialized knives and veterans to create standard knives that can withstand severe weather conditions and everyday excesses.

Where are Winkler ii knives made?

All Winkler Knives and Winkler II knives are made in USA with premium quality materials and with skilled black smiths having oxide finish 80CrV2 blade material having full tang construction and different types of handle scales to choose from.

How good are Winkler knives?

Winkler Knives are fixed blade knives made in USA with premium quality materials. Winkler blades has been manufacturing specialized knives and axes for many elite combat groups since 2004.

From the very beginning of the company, Daniel had been manufacturing handmade knives to ensure quality construction and maximum customer satisfaction.

There are so many Winkler Knives Reviews for you to read as well.  After meeting the demands of the Special Operations Forces, the Daniel Company developed technology to increase production without compromising on quality or efficiency.

How Winkler knives for survival?

Winkler II Knives are famous for survival but Winkler knives are also ideal for heavy or commercial use, such as tactical and rescue work.

These knives are sure to provide rigidly-held knives that are practically designed for heavy duty outdoor work.

Expect strong construction with high quality materials from this brand.

What steels does Winkler use in his knives?

Winkler Knives uses 80CrV2 steel in its knives which is high carbon steel containing vanadium and chromium in high concentrations to affect the strength and hardness of the crystalline matrix of the steel.

As Vanadium is used because it produces very durable carbides at atomic level of the blade edge that is why vanadium is used in tool steel & heavy equipment and even nuclear reactors use vanadium in their construction.

Main Features Why Winkler Knives Use 80CrV2 Steel

Daniel Winkler who himself is an ABS master blacksmith apart of being founder and owner of Winkler Knives knows the properties of 80CrV2 high carbon steel and that is why you will find all Winkler knives and all Winkler axes made by this steel after proper heat treatment and proper addition of Chromium in it makes it even “stainless steel” which are as under:

  • 80CrV2 steel is shock resistant
  • 80CrV2 steel is known for its better edge retention
  • 80CRV2 is has more wear resistance
  • 80CrV2 steel has HRC of 60 which is great

Product Range of Winkler Knives II

Winkler Knives II offers an extensive range of fixed blade knives, hunting knives, and other tactical knives. The multi-purpose and greatly functional knives are available in different product series

Winkler knives offers fixed blade knives, famous for its hunting and tactical knives.

These knives made by Winkler knives are not only multipurpose but they also provide great functionality.

All knives are made is 80CrV2 high carbon steel with oxide finish with blade size ranging from 2.13 inches to 5.75 inches having overall length range of 5.5 inches to 10.25 inches.

As we offer Winkler Knives for Sale with lowest prices on all in stock items. Following is a list of Winkler II Knives available in its product series.

  • Winkler Fixed blade Neck Bottle Opener Knife
    • Winkler Neck Bottle Opener Knife series are everyday carry knives featuring integrated bottle openers.
    • With blade length of 2.13 inches and overall length of 5.5 inches.
    • The carbon steel blades add utility and functionality to this knife series.
    • Most of these feature a lanyard hole and a Kydex sheath for improved handling and operation.
    • Making Winkler neck bottle opener knives as best among other Neck Knives
  • Winkler fixed blade Standard Duty Knives
    • Winkler Standard duty knives series are fixed blade knives premium knives which blade length of 3.25 inches with overall length of 7 inches with 80CrV2 steel having full tang construction with lanyard hole.
    • The difference is of handle constructions as Winkler Standard Duty 1 has maple handle while Winkler Standard duty 2 has Walnut handle.
    • Both come with Kydex sheath.
  • Winkler Everycarry Fixed Blade knife
    • This Winkler fixed blade everyday carry knife is 7.13 inches in total length with 3.26 inches of 80CrV2 steel full tang construction having Jason Knight Design covered with black oxide coating, multipurpose as hunting and tactical knife with handle scales made with Maple wood. Winkler Everycarry knife comes with Kydex belt sheath.
  • Winkler fixed blade Jaeger Knives Series
    • The Winkler Jaeger knife is a mid-size fixed blade. It is the result of an epic and laborious collaboration between the Winkler Knives team and Mastersmith Jason Knight.
    • It’s overall, 7.88 inches in length with 3.75 inches of drop point blade made with 80CrV2 stainless steel.
  • Winkler Fixed Blade Blue Ridge Hunter Series Knives
    • The Blue Ridge knives series includes ambidextrous knives that feature sharp 4 inches of clip point blades with skeletonized high carbon steel construction of overall length of 8 inches in total.
    • The rubber scales on the handles provide comfortable and soft grip to the user.
    • Most knives are equipped with sheath for secure handling and carrying to outdoor expeditions.
  • Winkler Fixed Blade Operator Knife series
    • The Winkler Operator Knife features sharp drop point blade of 4 inches with 8.5 overall length made from the finest-quality carbon steel.
    • The ergonomically designed Winkler Operator knives are perfect for delivering quick action like cutting and piercing.
    • These knives feature Micarta handles, leather belt sheath with clip and lanyard hole.
  • Winkler Fixed Blade Woodsman Knife Series
    • The wide range of fixed blade knives provide durable and greatly functional woodsman knives.
    • These knives feature no-glare Caswell finish drop point blade of 4.25 inches made from 80CrV2 which is high-grade carbon steel.
    • The contoured, heavy-duty handles provide sturdy and comfortable grip to the user.
  • Winkler Fixed blade Crusher Belt Knife series
    • The Winkler Crusher Belt Knife is designed to meet the needs of an active duty Special Operations Team.
    • A group from Naval Special Warfare familiar with the uncompromising performance of the Winkler Belt Knife wanted the same attributes in a knife with glass breaking capabilities.
  • Winkler Fixed Blade Belt Knives Series
    • The knives are practically designed, and features drop point blade of 4.5 inches made from 80CrV2 high carbon steel with black Caswell finish.
    • The knives feature spring steel to offer premium edge retention and toughness.
    • The handles are made from curly maple wood and rubber.
  • Winkler Fixed Blade Spike knife series
    • This Winkler Spike knives offers ergonomically designed 5 inches drop-point blade made form high carbon steel no other another 80CrV2 known for its edge retention with HRC of 60.
    • It comes with Micarta or maple wood handles with lanyard holes and spike breaker ends.
    • The sculpted handle construction offers stable and comfortable grip to the user.
  • Winkler Fixed Blade Field Hunter Knife Series
    • As the name suggests this Winkler field hunter knife series is purpose built to cater professional hunters and fishermen as the flat ground edge, drop point blade of 5.75 inches of this hunter knives are perfect for different hunting/outdoor expedition.
    • These knives have no-glare Caswell finish and full tang construction with a notched spine for thumb stability.

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