A Buckle is a device for fastening two loose ends. 

  The buckle or clasp has one end attached to it and the other is held by a catch in a secure but adjustable way. Prior to the development of the zipper, the buckle, which is frequently taken for granted, was essential for securing two ends. 


Although buckles are typically associated with belts, there are actually numerous applications for them. Inventive ways of integrating clasps into style range from shoes to sacks. 

It seems like the as much as possible! Buckles are becoming more than just a way to fasten things together; they are also a simple way to add chic details to an accessory. Utilizations of the clasp run from the customary belt to an extra to a sack, making it substantially more interesting to those craving more multifaceted nature in their plans. It is evident that what was once merely a useful tool is now a fashion essential. 


Belt are a kind of accessory that lets you make your belt fit for a specific event. Another belt clasp likewise expands the lifetime of your cowhide belt.   

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