Karambits are remarkable multi use knives designed for efficiency precision and user safety.

Karambit Knives are excellent everyday carry knives which are very effective because of their curved blade and considered perfect tools for activities like fishing, hunting, home repair, construction and more.


Modern Karambit Knives have shape of tiger’s claws and have ring at the bottom of their handles enabling user’s different carrying techniques as per various uses for maximum style, comfort and productivity.

We have huge range of Karambit Knives, like fixed blade karambits, folding karambits, assisted opening or partial karambits for you to choose from.

History of Karambit

The Traditional Karambits are developed in Southeast Asia centuries ago with inspiration of Tiger’s claw, and it was normally used by locals for planting rice, threshing and even for raking.

Wars and conflicts are part of human history and culture and so as Karambit became a defensive weapon by the locals. As time passes by, there was more innovation into this type of knife and safety ring at the bottom with more crescent shape or curvy blade originated which turns it a lethal fighting tool.

Karambit Knife

In 21st century Karambit knife is popular not only for utility purposes but also for tactical uses.  Modern Karambits have covered blade and are equipped with safety ring at the end of its handle are considered essential part. In karambit knife a user puts his index finger through the safety ring while grasping the handle.

The blade is positioned downwards giving it the speed, power and cutting action.  The curved blade easily rip, cut, tear or slice while ensuring a secure grip making it best among all other types of tactical knives.

Types of Karambit Knives

There are many variations of Karambit Knives, but mostly they are categorized in four main sub categories because of their blade sizes and other features which are as under:

Folding Karambit Knife

Folding Karambit Knife is mostly used as every day carry or pocket knife, as such knives are available in Liner Lock, Framelock, or even with lock back systems. These folding karambit knives are easy to conceal and definitely portable. Few even have pocket clips with them like Karambits Designed by Bastinelli Creations

Neck Karambit knife

Neck Karmabit Knives are most convenient as these are small units which can be attached with chain or lanyard and worn around the neck, Neck Karambit Knives are fixed blade and also folding flippers.

Fixed blade Karambit knife

Fixed blade Karambit Knife is more of traditional style knife. These fixed blade karambit knives are mostly stored in sheath for protection. Mostly fixed blade karambits are full tang meaning they are made from single piece of steel and there are no moving parts too. The blade sizes of fixed blade karambit knives are bigger as compared to folding or neck karambits for example TOPS Knives has TOPS Tac Tops Karambit Rocky which is great fixed blade karambit

Training Karambit knife

The Karambits under training karambit knife are actually practice knives where the blades of these karambits are blunt. The dull edge makes them suitable for practicing the moves and they are mostly used by martial arts students or during their demonstrations to avoid accidents.

What is a karambit knife used for?

Karambit Knives have multiple uses but mostly they are popular for tactical, utilitarian or rescue operations use

Fighting Karambits

Fighting Karambit or tactical karambit knife has one goal which to inflict maximum damage on opponent. From deploying to strike matching perfect time and move is all it is required. Such karambits have forward or reverse grips and are easier to use with one hand.

Utility Karambits

Modern updates to the traditional karambit make it the perfect utility tool. Depending on the model you buy, features can include:

  1. Phillips head tip
  2. Hex wrench
  3. Flathead screwdriver

Rescue Karambits

These karambits normally have serrated blades as discussed earlier and they are best for rescue operations and is mostly used by first responders as for their uses which are as under:

  1. Cut a seatbelt
  2. Break a window
  3. Provide a carabiner clip

For convenience and safety, choose one with ambidextrous opening and the ability to open it with one hand.

Materials & Blade of Karambit Knives

Modern Karambit knife blades are made with high quality stainless steel like VG 10, S35VN, 14C28N and much more.

But as with innovation Cold Steel Knives also have one of their model having plastic blade and its FGX Karambit Knife.

As for coating, these karambit knives also have different knife finishes like Teflon, Titanium, TiCN, Faux, Oxide etc. We have so many of these for you to choose from in all of our in stock karambits.

You will find straight or serrated blades on karambit or both. The straight blade works much like normal blade with added benefits of Karambit Knife’s curve whereas, the serrated blade is much more helpful for rescue or search responders. As you get benefit of serrations to cut branch, clothing etc.

Where to buy Karambit Knives for Sale?

You can buy Karambits or Karambit Knives from us at Chicago Knife Works, offering 30 days refund policy with worldwide shipping and above all, offering lowest prices on Karambits from 100+ brands with more than 300 Karambit knives in stock for you to choose and buy according to your needs.

Are Karambits illegal in America?

Karambits are legal in United States but according to blade size and as per State Laws. Karambits are not federally controlled therefore Knife laws vary from state to state in United States of America. You must check your state laws before ordering.

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