A lanyard is a piece of fabric that looks good around the neck and has clips and other attachments that make it necessary for the wearer to carry identification cards or security passes. 

Rock climbers use cords for a wide range of purposes, including getting gear and monitoring little things. Since rock climbers rarely have pockets, lanyards make it easier for them to carry important items. 


Excellent for Safety. 

increases profits and new sales. 

Improves Brand Perceivability. 

People Pay Attention. 

Lanyards foster trust. 

Improve productivity and well-being. 


Keep your clothing safe. 

Employees often use lanyards to carry photographic ID cards, and many businesses require their employees to always wear lanyards when they are on the premises to ensure that anyone who isn’t authorized can be quickly identified. 

Cords give the client restricted opportunity of development. They are the least complex association implies accessible. A leeway cord can block and make a stumbling danger. 


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