Training Knives

Practice different drills to improve your Knife skills with training Knives made with premium quality by your favorite knife brands. Huge Collection of Practice knives.

Training knives are basically used for training & enhancement of skills especially in martial arts and in tactical combats. They are great for practice yet without the risk of cuts because of dull blades.

Training knives are an essential tools if someone want to master the art of knife combats, learn how to use during fight and most importantly how to defend against it?

Training Knife / Practice Blade

Practice Blade mostly has dull blade or at times comes with rubber of wooden blades which are used for practicing knife drills and even during self-defense exercises. Such practice knives are considered the safest way to practice because they are just imitations making them look and feel just like real ones.

These are mostly used for personal defense training. The trainers will also help you learn how to flip without hurting yourself and without getting injured but you need to practice it yourself because it is one of the easiest and safest tool.

A training knife can be use in any situation for instance if you want to use a knife without causing any harm you can definitely use a training knife. IT is simple in design and training knives must be used and should be practiced for your personal defense.

Training knife 100 percent legal because it is designed in such a way that you cannot cut or harm yourself.

Types of training Knives

Training knives are designed in a variety of different shapes, styles and even sizes such as

  • Bowie Knives
  • Push Draggers
  • Karambits
  • Butterfly Knives (Most Popular)
  • Folding Knives
  • Draggers

Training Knives for Sale

Training knives are a great option for someone who is training for self-defense purposes and these are nicely made so that they can be easy to carry and is well crafted for being practice weapon. These training Knives are made with great materials and are great for different self-defense purposes with no sharp edges.

We have more than 40 + practice blades from 17 different brands such as Cold Steel Knives, Bastinelli Creations, United Cutlery,  Bear & Son & Kershaw Balisong training knives with lowest prices online.

What are training knives used for?

Training Knives are used for Balisong Knife tricks and other sorts of self-defense and tactical training drills as the blades of such knives are dull reducing the risk of getting hurt during practice.

Why do training knives have holes?

The holes in practice blades are to make them lighter and at times to simulate the same balance and weight of actual blades.

For Example Kershaw Lucha Trainer has holes in the blade and it’s the same weight as of actual knife.

Can you sharpen a training knife?

Yes, at times the practice blades can be sharpened but mostly, they can’t be because of their design, material (heat treatment, blade material etc.

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