Throwing Knives

Throwing Knives are intended for sole purpose i.e. throwing an optimal weighted, fine-tuned & designed throwing blade across long or short distance ensuring it hits the target.

To practice and becoming expert Knives thrower its essential else your throwing knife might fall along a loop.

Knife throwing is considered as an art and it’s a great hobby too. As knife throwing not only requires practice but also concentration to enhance the kill and anyone can be impress by the skill.

Throwing Knives

Throwing knives are designed, fine-tuned for this purpose and it cannot be done with ordinary knives for precise accurate throws. The feeling of throwing blade at your target and watching it firmly stick right into it unexplainable by many.

Throwing Knife Construction

Throwing knife’s performance is directly proportional to its blade’s sharpness and weight. Throwing a lighter blade has less effort yet it normally fails to penetrate the target on the other hand a heavy throwing knife takes more effort yet it’s much more stable and causes much greater damage to its target. It’s more of a tradeoff between throwing knife weight.

But, another thing is the material used in construction of throwing knives. The superior the blade material, more edge retention and sharpness will remain over the use and with some steels are lighter than other traditions steels is another thing.

Throwing Knife in Present day

Over the years and in different cultures different throwing knives have been used and are still popular. But now we have much lighter throwing knife as compared to past as more stress is on ensuring precision of target hitting.

Normally, these throwing blades are made by single piece of steel and hardly have any handles but there is always effective grip on them as grip plays a vital role in accuracy of these throwing blades.

What are the best throwing knives?

The best throwing knives are the ones whose center of gravity is at their center, resulting in near circular trajectory in their flight.

The best throwing knives are optimally balanced which can be thrown from their handles or from the blade resulting in precise accurate hitting of their targets.

At Chicago Knife Works we have so many throwing knives from 30 plus world renowned brands offering throwing blades from prices as low as USD 3 up to USD 185 as per your budget and requirements.

Few of our hot selling throwing knives are as under:

Gil Hibben throwing knives

    • Gil Hibben throwing blades are designed by Master Knife Maker Gil Hibben which are made with one piece construction of 420J2 stainless steel or stainless steel, as most of the knives are in sets of 3 throwing knives.

United Cutlery throwing knives

    • These throwing blades are perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike, this triple throwing knife set from United Cutlery will provide you with hours of throwing fun! Get out your target

Kershaw Throwing Knives

    • You need specially designed throwing knives. The Kershaw Ion set has the correct weight and balance for successful target throwing. Throwing knives can be fun, but throwing just any knife can be quite dangerous, which is why Kershaw knives designed the Ion

Spyderco Throwing Knives

    • If you are looking for very good Steel, having excellent balance and a very nice leather sheath that holds all three knives. You can choose from three different blade sizes as Spyderco Knives have covered it all for you.

Cold steel throwing knives

    • These knives are for weighted Professional High Quality Throwers who are seeking for Accuracy and Dependability with diversity Cold steel Knives have them in budget for them. These are truly crafted for professionals.

Boker Magnum throwing knives

    • These are one of the best “tournament grade” throwing knives made in decades. Fans of knife throwing as a sport have a choice of many special knife designs designed by John Bailey manufactured by Boker Magnum just for you to shop.

Condor throwing knives

    • Condor’s sturdy and uniquely styled throwing knives make hitting your target seem easy if you can bear to let go. Get the best prices on Condor Throwing Knives and tomahawks for the competition throwers or just for practicing.

Smith and Wesson throwing knives

    • This isn’t Hollywood where you just take it out of the package and fling it across the yard hitting the target with no problem. It requires discipline and practice. Keeping that in mind Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives make it easier to put your blade on target which are specially designed for precision flight.

Frost Cutlery throwing Knives

    • If you are looking for superb throwing knives and does not want to burden your pocket then Frost Cutlery throwing knives shall be your choice. Frost Cutlery throwing knives are in legal limited with one piece construction made with stainless steel for you to practice before you invest in expensive competition throwing knives.

Where to buy throwing knives for Sale?

When it comes to shop throwing knives for sale, Chicago Knife works is your best online destination. We have large collection of all types of throwing knives, throwing daggers and also throwing axes.

For all types of users, from beginners to professionals who are looking for original branded knives at the lowest prices. Shop all types of throwing knives with ease through secure payment options covered with 30 days return policy on all our products.


Is it illegal to Cary throwing knives?

Yes, Throwing Knives are legal to carry as they come in 2 to 4 inches which is mostly legal to carry. But they can be illegal to carry them as concealed as per different state laws in USA. But normally throwing knives are small in size and one can easily get away with them while carrying them in pocket as pocket throwing knives.

How hard is it to throw knives?

There is a technique which comes with practice and time therefore don’t try to throw a knife as hard as you can rather apply moderate throw, the purpose is to hit the target which is normally soft wood and do make sure that tip of your throwing knife is sharp enough to penetrate.

Can Throwing Knives Kill?

Yes, throwing knives can kill and are quite lethal and deadly. But most of the time, people who use them during fights and throw them towards each other during fight are not well trained professionals so there are very less cases of deaths been recorded. But if they are being thrown by professional and they hit head or chest then the damage caused by them is very high.

How do I choose a throwing knife?

First consider your goal you want to achieve. Being a beginner you should develop a blade throwing skill in your backyard or wherever it suits you by getting any well balanced set of throwing knives. Once you have developed the skill then one should invest in expensive competition quality knives

Which throwing knife should I start with, as a beginner?

Being a beginner you should start your practice with a well-balanced throwing knife which you can throw with blade or through handle.

What are types of Throwing Knives?

There are three types of throwing knives: a balanced knife, handle heavy or blade heavy. Blade heavy are thrown through blade and handle heavy are thrown through handle whereas, balanced throwing knife can be thrown either way.

How do I grip a throwing knife?

There are two basic grips for throwing knife hammer grip & pinch grip.

Hammer Grip:

In Hammer grip you hold the knife handle just like one holds a hammer with fingers around the knife handle.

Pinch Grip:

With pinch grip a thrower secures the handle or the blade between his/ her thumb and index finger like a pinch and throws it.

How do I throw a knife?

The common way is by gripping the knife then extending your arm straight towards the target and bringing it back up while bending your elbow.

Then drawing your arm all the way up and alongside your ear and swing the arm down in rapid forward motion while releasing the knife.

But you should consider reading Hibben Knife Throwing Guide, Knife and Tomahawk Throwing by Harry K. McEvoy or Knife throwing by Blackie Collins which are in stock with us.

Where is the best point in the throw to release the throwing knife?

It depends on distance between you and the target. But in short, for closer distance like 5 to 10 yards, you must release your throwing knife in front of your head and for longer distances release earlier. Remember timing is everything in Art of Knife throwing.

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