Gun Themed Items

Shop gun themed items as gifts for gun lovers which are tough to find. But we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for gun lovers. They’ll definitely enjoy!

A gun lover will always look and will love of having gun-themed things in their life. 

Slug is a smooth, brilliant and metallic ink-filled pen. Although it isn’t refillable like the exemplary wellspring pens, it feels similarly ideal in your grasp with its significant metallic feel. 

This eye-getting Cartridge Projectile Contort Pen pack reproduces a 30.06 bullet. This is an incredibly simple unit to make utilizing a solitary cylinder. 

 This pack utilizes a Parker style ball point top off or gel top off and has the high-grade twofold curve instrument. It likewise accompanies the top-notch rifle cut. Accessible in 24k redesign gold plating and in chrome plating. 


Shoot away while hunting and afterward bust open a brew chaser with a Buckshot Shot glass bottle opener. This odd shot glass is molded like a 12-check shotgun shell. 

Do YOUR Worst Hold 2 ounces (about 59.15 ml) of your number one alcohol or soul in this shot glass whether you’re a father graduate groomsman target shooter or tracker Recall don’t drink and shoot 

CHEERS TO YOU This plastic shot glass can be given for birthday celebrations graduations single guy and unhitched female gatherings and more Keep as a trinket or provide for closest companions to remember their important day 

Strong AND Simple TO CLEAN Hand wash just to keep this collectible shot glass in top shape whether it’s for your valued shot glass assortment bar game evening or party 

Good thought Ideal for gun devotees’ trackers police sheriff appointees FBI CIA and all who serve in the Military Naval force Flying corps Marines Coast Watchman and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Gun Themed Items for Sale

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