Medford Knife and Tools

Medford Knife and Tool is an American knife manufacturer known for their hard work, pragmatism and honesty in the market. Medford Knives is Tactical Tools Manufacturing Company which was established in 2010 located in Arizona, USA.

The brand was founded by professional military artists and Gray Medford manual trainer, who founded the company as a local business in United States.

The company manufactures some of the best-selling and best-known knife models, such as the Medford praetorian knife.

Medford Knife, Medford Knives Medford Knife And Tools for sale
Medford Knife And Tools for sale

Medford Knives

Medford Knives brand offers tactical blades and tools are manufactured with CAD and CNC milling machines using the latest technology.

Primarily, knives are manufactured in the United States and most of the work is done by an experienced craftsman with the help of machine tools.

By 2022, Medford Knives offers a wide range of fixed knives, daggers, folding knives and sickle.

Medford Blades

Medford Knife and Tools offers Durable blades designed with great precision. The company guarantees that knives and survival tools are well designed to work very well in difficult situations such as hunting and camping.

Medford blades serve many purposes and meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, amateurs, professionals, backpackers and fishermen. Hardened reinforced knives have a simple design with a combination of grinding.

Some of these Medford knives are combined with multiple tool elements, such as glass cutters and screwdriver heads.

It provides a robust construction for maximum durability and functionality.

Who owns and founded Medford Knives?

Gray Medford has experience as a military artist, combat coach, naval corps and commercial pilot. He uses his experience in developing advanced process weapons and cutting-edge tools for customers.

Medford knives and tools speak for themselves because they are made of the best materials. The blades are designed of high quality CPM3V steel, D2 steel and CPM-S35VN stainless steel.

What Handle materials does Medford Knives offer?

For the handles, high quality titanium, G-10, paracord and carbon fiber are used, as they provide a comfortable and strong grip for operators.

What types of Knives does Medford Knives make?

Medford Knives makes tactical and edc knives having framelock, linerlock or button lock deployment mechanisms in their folders, where as they also manufacture fixed blade knives and other tactical tools for their customers as well, all made in USA.

Medford Knives for Sale

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Medford Knife and Tools offers a detailed range of products that includes a variety of products, such as fixed blade knives, blades, daggers, folding knives and survival tools

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