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Gerber Knives was founded in 1939. Gerber or Gerber Knives is an American brand with its roots in knives and outdoor tools. Known as a master of knives and tools, Garber is committed to designing solutions to solve problems and save lives that meet specific needs. With decades of dedication and innovation, the brand serves different locations, including hunting, trading and defense. It began as Gerber Legendary Blades, a Portland-based company founded by Joseph R. Gruber.

Gerber Knife is developing as a “company” specialized in the manufacture of reliable and standard knives and tools. The brand has grown more than a knife maker. This product range includes numerous tools, axes, handrails, torches, headlights, flashlights and survival kits. For outdoor fans, the Gerber knife is the best choice and for those who want a knife, it’s a flawless issue.

Gerber Knives have rich History in Wars

The knife brand has a long history of distinguishing itself from its peers. Joseph R. Garber began to abandon the holidays as a small shipment of handmade cutlery sets, the business has grown steadily and has become one of the most trusted, acclaimed and well-established names in the knife-making industry. The manufacturer set the knife’s design standards in the 1950s by adding special features, including a stainless steel case with the Magnum Hunter, which made the knives popular among fans around the world.

In 1960, Gerber Knife began producing knives for the Armed Forces and developed a new range of multi-purpose blades that are still popular among infantry and combat personnel. The Gerber Strongarm and Gerber LMF II are the preferred options among Special Forces fighters and nature lovers in search of reliable and versatile fixed blade knives.

What makes Gerber Knives special?

Gerber knives are more than pieces of display. They are perfect for everyday use. Knives are made of standard steel such as stainless steel and carbon steel. The blade is heat treated to ensure durability, sharpness and high performance. Ergonomic handles offer non-slip grips that help improve field performance.

The manufacturer is recognized worldwide because of its versatile tools. These include axes, axes, drills, hand saws, excavator tools and more. Multiple tools are specifically designed for activities that involve fixing a stool or cleaning a weapon.

Where to buy Gerber Knives?

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