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Gerber Knives was founded in 1939. Gerber knives or Gerber Gear is an American outdoor equipment & gear brand with its roots in knives and outdoor tools by providing need based items.

Gerber, Gerber Knives, Gerber Knives for sale
Gerber Knives for sale

Gerber Knives and Gear

Gerber Knives and Gear has earned a loyal following around the world being innovative and providing quality to its outdoor enthusiasts by coming up with knives, tools and gear that solves the problem of its users. Gerber knives and Gear for sale!

Known as a master of knives and tools, Garber Knives and Gear is committed to designing solutions to solve problems and save lives that meet specific needs in different situations.

Gerber Knives

With decades of dedication and innovation, Gerber Knives serves different locations, including hunting, trading and defense. It began as Gerber Legendary Blades, a Portland-based company founded by Joseph R. Gruber.

Gerber Knife is developing as a “company” specialized in the manufacture of reliable and standard knives and tools.

Gerber Knives & Wars

The knife brand has a long history of distinguishing itself from its peers. Joseph R. Garber began to abandon the holidays as a small shipment of handmade cutlery sets, the business has grown steadily and has become one of the most trusted, acclaimed and well-established names in the knife-making industry.

The manufacturer set the knife’s design standards in the 1950s by adding special features, including a stainless steel case with the Gerber Magnum Hunter, which made the knife popular among fans around the world.

In 1960, Gerber  brand began producing knives for the US Armed Forces and developed a new range of multi-purpose blades that are still popular among infantry and combat personnel.

The Gerber Strongarm and Gerber LMF II are the preferred options among Special Forces fighters and nature lovers in search of reliable and versatile fixed blade knives.

What makes Gerber Knives special?

Gerber knives are more than pieces of display. They are perfect for everyday use. Knives are made of standard steel such as stainless steel and carbon steel.

The blade is heat treated to ensure durability, sharpness and high performance. Ergonomic handles offer non-slip grips that help improve field performance.

The manufacturer is recognized worldwide because of its versatile tools. These include axes, axes, drills, hand saws, excavator tools and more. Multiple tools are specifically designed for activities that involve fixing a stool or cleaning a weapon.

Gerber Knives for Sale

For outdoor fans, the Gerber knife is the best choice and for those who want a knife which is flawless. The brand has grown more than a knife maker by manufacturing tactical, outdoor & survival products.

You can buy 300 plus models of Gerber Knives & Gear from Chicago Knife works who have the largest variety of all Gerber knives & Gerber Knives.

These products are 100% brand new and directly bought from Gerber Knives ( distributor / wholesalers). Their product range includes numerous tools, knives and outdoor gear like

  • Gerber Axes
  • Gerber Handrails
  • Gerber Torches
  • Gerber Headlights
  • Gerber Flashlights
  • Gerber Survival kits
  • Gerber Fixed blades
  • Gerber Folding Knives
  • Gerber Multi Tools
  • Gerber EDCs & much more!

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Are Gerber knives good quality?

Gerber Knives are low budget knives with affordable materials manufactured in China, Taiwan & Vietnam. Whereas Gerber Knives Gerber Auto Series is 100% made in USA and are of premium quality.

Is Gerber a good quality knife?

Overall, each Gerber knife is good quality and it’s mostly of value based. Mostly Gerber Knives are in budget range and their quality is good when compared to other overseas productions. But USA Gerber made knives are among the best quality.

Are Gerber knives made in China?

Most of Gerber Knives are made in China, whereas Hatchets and Axes are made in Finland & Taiwan whereas, Gerber Fastball, Gerber Propel, Gerber doubledown etc. which are over 100USD are made in USA.

Where is Gerber knives made?

Gerber budget Knives are made in China, Gerber Premium Knives, Cleaning kits etc. are made in USA whereas Gerber Axes, Gerber Hatchets are mostly made in Finland, Taiwan & Vietnam

Is Gerber knives a German company?

Pete Gerber in 1939 established Gerber legendary Blades mostly known as Gerber Knives & tools headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. Gerber Knives is now owned by Fiskars, which is Finnish outdoors Products Company.

Does Bear Grylls own Gerber?

No, Bear Grylls does not own Gerber Legendary blades. Given, there might be some relation of his to Pete Gerber Bear Grylls. Or, as per our information, he is more of endorser or the knives made by Gerber Legendary blades are specifically designed for Bear Grylls.

What grade steel does Gerber use?

Gerber Legendary Blades aka Gerber Knives use 100% high-grade stainless steel. You will find Gerber blades made with CPM S30, 154CM, 4116, 420, 420HC, 420J2, different types of 440 stainless steel, then 5Cr13Mov and even D2 tool steel for construction of fixed, folding blades & tools.

Are Bear Grylls knives still made?

Yes, Bear Grylls knives aka Gerber survival knives are still in production today and are manufactured by Gerber Legendary Blades under brand name of Gerber Knives.

How much do Gerber knives cost?

Gerber Chinese made knives are mostly budget knives with max range of 70-80 USD whereas their Gerber Multi-tool knives are retailed around 100 USD. Gerber Knives made in USA are premium ones which are retailed online not more than 220USD. You can find them at Chicago Knife Works with lowest prices online.

Does Gerber have lifetime warranty?

Gerber Knives offers a limited lifetime warranty in North America (USA, Canada), whereas, 25 year limited warranty outside of North America.

Where to buy Gerber Knives for Sale?

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