Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance Knives : Built as strong & for Professionals

Zero tolerance knives very powerful, strong and heavy for professional use.

The Zero Tolerance Knife is extremely reliable and powerful. Accurate “zero tolerance” ends and knives lose confidence.

As a professional soldier, police officer, firefighter, rescue team member or medical aid team, you need reliable equipment. No different from knives. To bear the brunt of this market gap in 2006. It was a success. Zero tolerance knife is very famous.

The Zero Tolerance combines the original design with a heavy-duty knife
Zero Tolerance Knives are designed by Ken Onion in conjunction with the Strider knife.

They are manufactured exclusively in the United States. The designs are so beautiful and popular.
The material used is very solid and manufactured like a knife tank. Several knives, including the 0350, have been fitted with the Speed ​​Safe Assistant Opening System. This legal opening system ensures that the knife can be opened manually and securely closed.
Chicago Knife works is passionate about products developed by Zero Tolerance. If you want to buy a knife from Zero Tolerance, browse the product.

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