TOPS Knives and tools

TOPS Knives and Tools  delivers high quality knives and tools that are hard to the core and proudly made in the USA.

At the end of 1998, TOPS knives were established with the mission of creating knives of the highest quality. The knives are tools designed and built using the vast knowledge and real-life experience of many operators with experience in military, law enforcement, foreign professions and martial arts.

Specifically, they worked with designers with backgrounds ranging from Airborne Rangers to Navy Seals, from survival experts to martial arts instructors, from Native American weapons experts to SWAT team members. They have a designer from almost every background that uses solid basic knives.

Probably the best part, all fixed TOPS blades are manufactured and manually finished at their facilities in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, USA.

Their knives were ordered and deployed in “hot spots” around the world. Many people who were, were field workers, or used their knives.

Its been reported maximum performance and reliability at times when their lives depended on the tools they had with them.

TOPS Knives gives Unlimited Options to choose

We believe that the blade should fit the operator and never the other way around. That’s why we love the fact that the TOPS blades have blade variations from 1 to 3 inches to 10 to 12 inches. And, if you’re looking for high performance hunting knives, we have the legendary TOPS BOB series (Bushcraft Brothers, also sometimes called TOPS Field craft). You can also check out other classic exterior accents, such as the Trout Knives and also TOPS Birds Knives, the TOPS cheetah series and the TOPS Shadow Rider series. We are also proud to offer TOPS Silent Hero Series, a unique series designed and supported by the Silent Heroes Foundation’s Special Division for the Prevention of Hunting of Wildlife in Africa.

Why professions choose TOPS Knives?

As you know, TOPS Knives was founded in 1998 by a group of veterans who wanted to create a better class of blades for service members and law enforcement. To achieve their goal, they have assembled knife designers from virtually every field where mission success depends on maximum performance in extreme situations.

Sailors, USA Navy SEALs teams, Army Rangers, SWAT teams, survival instructors, weapons experts, and even martial arts masters have all contributed over 200 models of active knife products designed to be the best at what they do.

TOPS knives are usually made of 1095 high carbon steel that balance hardness and edges with ease of sharpening, making these knives highly recommended for

  1. hunting
  2. fishing
  3. survival
  4. combat
  5. everyday household chores
  6. Much more

Whatever your task, these TOPS knives will perform.

Where to buy TOPS Knives for Sale?

TOPS Knives, TOPS Knives for sale

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