Deejo is manufacturer of creative and best quality tools & products making them distinctive looking and is an international brand.

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Deejo Knives

Deejo Knives have specialty in producing ultralight, super thin and above all fully functional knives. This is because of Deejo Company’s investment in modern technology and with traditional knife making techniques to product best quality knives you find them under their brand name.

Deejo Knives offers customization of their knives as they have trained staff and modern equipment blended with traditional skills leading to highest level of customizations being offered by them. For this, superb customizations not being applied to knife blades but also to its handles making them highly in demand by knife collectors, knife enthusiast, travelers, hunters and hikers alike.

Are Deejo Knives any good?

Yes, Deejo Knives are good as they are highly functional and the materials being used in their construction are of top quality without any doubts. Mostly deejo blades are made with 3Cr13 stainless steel, aluminum, high carbon steel & even titanium. They even use high quality materials in their knives’ handles construction like rosewood, polycarbonate and other materials which are strong and it provides additional strength to knives as a whole.

Who are owners of Deejo Knives?

Luc Foin & Stéphane Lebeau were founders of the company named Coriolis which also owns Baladeo and Akinod brands. As they were nomadic and being nomads travel is another element of it. Because of their travel experiences and needs which are essential, they came up with knife designs which not only fulfill the ulitarian needs but also taking care of design & material esthetics which can withstand all types of environments. Deejo Knives are always high quality, well designed and above all extremely functional and then unique tattooed artworks add and enhance beauty of their knives.

Just like many other Knife manufactures, Deejo knives are mostly manufactured China and some are even manufactured in France as well. But the quality of the products being manufactured abroad is maintained by the brand and they are in demand all over the world because of their practical and appealing designs.

Deejo have huge product range and there are variants of each product series or product type.

Deejo Framelock Pocket Knives

The range features distinctive looking foldable knives with Framelock locking mechanism. The knives are very compact with their sleek designs, which can easily slip in purse, pocket and camp kit. This satin finished pocket knives are engraved with tattoo artwork and features drop-point, sharp stainless-steel blade that is perfect for piercing, sparring, slicing and cutting jobs.

Deejo Knives Deco Series

The folding knives are light in weight and features Framelock locking mechanism. In Framelock mechanism the handle moves forward to the blade and lock securely, giving a single-hand operation to the user. The Deco Knives have polished tattoo artwork on the stainless-steel blades. The sharp pointed blades are available in titanium, titan and mirror finish.

Deejo Green Handle Series

Deejo offers uniquely designed folding knives with great ergonomic feels and functionality. These Green Handle knives feature stainless Framelock or Linerlock locking mechanism, depending on the model/type.

These distinctive looking knives have sharp clip point blades made from stainless steel. The green translucent polycarbonate knife handles van withstands -135 degree to 135-degree Celsius temperature and works effectively in extreme weather conditions.

Deejo Knives Fantasy Series

The collection includes a wide range of creatively designed folding knives using tattooed artwork. The pocket knives feature Framelock mechanism which securely and safely locks the knives, as no spring action is involved. The smooth opening and closing allow for a single hand operation which works well in life-threatening situations.

These pocket-sized knives have unique handle construction, made from different materials that includes, granadilla wood, rosewood, and juniper wood.

Deejo Pink Handle Series Knives

The series consists of the supreme quality pocket folding knives with Linerlock mechanism. Linerlock mechanism allows the user to operate the knives using the index finger to push the blade and to lock it securely. The polycarbonate handle offers thermal resistance and can withstand extreme weather temperatures ranging from -135 degree to 135 degree Celsius.

Deejo 37g Knives or (37 Grams knives)

Deejo Knives are designed to be super thin and light in weight so that they can easily be carried along while hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and traveling. These 37g knives are sleek and compact but offer great functionality to the user.

The blades are made from the finest quality 3Cr13 stainless with titanium finish. These pocket-sized knives have unique handle construction, made from different materials that includes, granadilla wood, rosewood, and juniper wood.

Deejo 15g Knives (15 Grams)

The matte finished foldable knives are a great addition to the knife collection as they offer great ergonomics along with functionality. These durable folding knives have clip point stainless steel blade perfect for piercing, cutting jobs and self- defense.

Deejo lightweight knives feature Linerlock mechanism which provides single hand operation with comfortable and tight handle grip. The series also offers a three knives kit with a Deejo Display that features a sample of Deejo Wood, Naked and Colors knives.

Deejo Black Handle Series Knives

The ultra-thin, flat and lightweight folding knives caters to hikers, campers and travelers as they get easily in the pocket, purse and camp kit. These knives mainly cover Linerlock mechanism and the blade construction is done from the finest quality stainless steel with titanium finish.

The handle construction is done with high-grade polycarbonate material with a secured locking system, chisel ground blade, and belt clip.

Other Deejo Knives Products

Deejo Knives produces great sheaths, displays and as said earlier Knife sharpeners, you will read their details as under:

Deejo Knife Sheaths

The series offers excellently crafted robust and flexible leather knife sheaths.  The perfectly stitched knife sheaths provide protection against abrasion along with easy and safe transportation/maintenance of the knives. Deejo Sheaths are available in different colors such as black, brown, orange and beige.

 Deejo Displays

Deejo Displays are available in different shapes and sizes to match your requirements and needs. These excellent collector cases feature up to 12 slots to provide you enough space to lodge your camping accessories, knives, tools, and other important items.

Deejo Displays are manufactured with black felt interior and stainless-steel drawer pulls to provide ease of operation to the user. Some of these survival kits contain ABS black engraver stylus, set of screws, steel torque wrench, and diamond burs.

 Deejo Knife Sharpeners

The series features double–blade tungsten carbide pocket knife sharpeners. These sharpeners are fixed to an optimum angle to effectively hone and grind the blades. Most of these sharpeners are fixed to 40-degree angle to provide enhanced sharpness to the blades. The aluminum construction sharpeners can be used to grind kitchen knives, garden tools, pocket knives, and fixed blade knives.

Does Deejo Knives Provide Warranty?

Yes, Deejo provides replacement warranty against defective products by replacing it with new product or one which is close to that product. As per Company rules, there are few products that do not have any warranty neither can be replaced either due to limited availability or these editions or parts. Secondly, if the product is mishandled or used as hammers, chisels, pry bars or as screwdrivers all such type of mishandling of products leads to void warranty.

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