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Kershaw Dividend Review

March 26, 2020

Today’s review is about Kershaw Dividend, released in 2017 at SHOT SHOW. From its first appearance, it’s been with me ever since. It made an impression and I loved having it in my collection ever since. Yes, I am talking about Kershaw Dividend with SKU KS1812GRY. This is the knife for today’s review. First Impression […]

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Zero tolerance zt 0308 review

March 7, 2020

Zero Tolerance ZT 0308 Review is not as easy, it’s a tactical pocket knife. We its looks & new design, lining up everything and thinking of ZT 0301 & ZT 303 which are now discontinued, Is it a MUST PICK for me?  I write honest reviews and do talk about positives & negatives. Mostly law […]

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Kershaw Link 20 CV Review 17760 LSW

March 4, 2020

Welcome to Kershaw Link 20 CV Review with SKU 17760 again USA made. If you may have followed my previous reviews, as those were on old Kershaw knives. Today, I will be doing a detailed review on Kershaw Link 20CV which has been launched just a month ago. Don’t get confused between Kershaw Link 20CV […]

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Kershaw Scallion Review

March 3, 2020

Before start reading Kershaw Scallion Review 2020, you should know the purpose why i have written a review. As a 12 years old knife but still in front lines of sales, Kershaw Scallion which was launched in 2008 and today in 2020 I’m reviewing it again to check, the reasons why its still selling and […]

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Kershaw Leek Review 2020

February 28, 2020

In this post, I will be discussing what makes Kershaw Leek so special and what made it earned so much goodwill and good name in knife industry that it’s still popular. As Kershaw Leek was launched in 2003 and I m writing a review about it in 2020, meaning reviewing it after 17 years. Given […]

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Kershaw Concierge Review

February 25, 2020

All about Kershaw Concierge Kershaw Conceiger is little bigger than normal Every day carry (EDC) knife boasting the exact same sci-fi elegance and yet another pocket knife by Kershaw Knives. It is an engaging entry point into the mind of one of the world’s premier knife designers. Its dapper handle houses a deceptively easy blade, […]

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Kershaw Launch 4 Review

February 20, 2020

As we all know Kershaw Knives is a famous made in USA brand and a subsidiary of KIA LTD who also owns Zero Tolerance Knives. The Kershaw LAUNCH 4 is from Kershaw’s Automatic Knives Series. The Launch series was launched a few years back by Kershaw Knives. These are basic, USA made knives with tidy […]

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Kershaw Bareknuckle Knife Review

February 19, 2020

Kershaw Bareknuckle Knife Review Established in 1974, Kershaw has actually been making knives for practically 40 years now. Kershaw is most likely best understood for their mid and little size EDC and tactical folders. Kershaw Knives is owned by KAI, which likewise owns Zero Tolerance which is concentrated on high-end tactical knives, in addition to […]

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Why Should You Carry a Credit Card Knife in Your Wallet

February 13, 2020

Taking a Credit Card Knife can be an uncomplicated method to bring a blade unobtrusively. Whether you require a blade for outdoor camping, slicing fruits vegetables & other food items outside, opening up a package, opening up a letter, or for defense, this sort of blade might be appropriate for you. Let’s have a look […]

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What is Bowie Knife

January 29, 2020

What is Bowie Knife? as we all wonder with the word Bowie and what’s its association, how some full tang knives are called Bowie, what is the pronunciation of Bowie Knife and so on..! Following article is all about what is Bowie Knife and all said related questions. The information is gathered from different sources […]

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G.I Utility Knife Review

January 28, 2020

The purpose of Marbles Knives’ G.I Utility Knife Review is to share information about this knife in little more detail against product description. Marbles Outdoor Knives Initially founded and still based in Gladstone, Michigan, Marbles Knives is as committed as ever to produce practical that integrate contemporary technology with conventional styles. Their products have actually […]

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Review Marbles folding Bowie knife

January 18, 2020

We have done a review Marbles Folding Bowie Knife post related to this iconic Knife. Check it out Before talking about a MARBLES FOLDING BOWEI KNIFE 4 INCHES MODEL and considering it, let’s take a look at the history of the marbles knives manufacturer who designed and manufactured these knives. The company that manufactured marbles […]

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Marbles Knives’Woodcraft’s 100 Anniversary Knife

January 16, 2020

Marbles Knives’ Woodcraft’s 100 Anniversary Knife This post is about Marbles Knives’ Woodcraft’s 100 Anniversary Knife, its history and present. Around 1915, W.L. Marble created what some consider to be his greatest contribution to outdoor cutlery, the wooden sheath knife. A hunting writer named George W. Brooks claimed to have designed the first Woodcraft in […]

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What does Knife tang means in a knife

January 14, 2020

This article is answering a main question “What does Knife Mean in Knife? and different types of tangs. As whenever we go to any website or read any review, word TANG catches our eye, but most of the time, question remains unanswered. What is Tang in knife? In simple terms, the knife tang is the […]

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7 Best TOPS Knives

January 3, 2020

TOPS knives and Tools is established in 1998 in Ucon, Idaho with the objective of producing top quality knives specifically developed for especially hard use. Hence, they began by putting together a team of knife designers with backgrounds in outdoor occupations ranging from Navy Seals to Airborne Rangers to SWAT Team Members to Martial Arts […]

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Spyderco Para Military Series Knives

December 14, 2019

This small article is about Spyderco Knives Para Military Series, and the main focus is on its popular Spyderco Para 3. What  Spyderco Paramilitary series Means and it basically features? Spyderco Para Military Series Knives is ideal for technical applications, the paramilitary series is used for self-defense – slicing it and knife. This Spyderco Para […]

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Winkler knives story

November 29, 2019

Winkler knives Story as one of the most popular brands now in Knife Industry. Daniel Winkler, Bladesmith’s master, and his partner / wife, Shawn Maker Karen Shaw, have long owned and operated Winkler’s knives. Daniel Winkler has been making knives and an ax ever since he was in high school. He said that knife-making became […]

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Which is the best Knife for Me?

November 27, 2019

Looking for an answer “Which is the best knife for ME? or you need a new Knife or want to buy? must read this article before you make your purchase. Which is the best knife for me? That sounds like a simple question, doesn’t it? In some cases, this can be, but it is also […]

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Taking Proper Care of Your Hunting Tool

September 27, 2019

When you own something, you make sure it lasts long. You take responsibility to take care of it properly and maintain its good state. The same goes for a razor hunting knife or a whole hunting set. To keep your knife in its prime condition and always ready-to-use, whenever wherever required, cleaning is necessary. While […]

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