Shop tactical pants with high level craftsmanship, modern technology, and precise engineering, especially 5.11 pants are the backbone of 5.11 Tactical clothing line.

Each 5.11 pant line is built around a mission-specific battery of requirements. Materials selection, fabric types, stitching style, pocket sizing, and augmentations are all integrated to provide the user with a high-quality pant that excels in a particular role.

From the full-featured utility and dependability of  traditional Tactical Pant to the industry-specific pockets on 5.11 EMS Pant to the practical and functional capabilities of work pants, The 5.11 tactical pants for men are crafted with performance in mind.

5.11 tactical outfit the best-of-the-best in combat pants, BDU pants, tactical work pants, camo pants, carpenter pants, and more.

Designed with direct input from operators on the ground, and integrating a wealth of patented features and functions you won’t find anywhere else, 5.11 Tactical sets the global standard for high performance pants for men.

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