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Reate Knives, Inc. is an original equipment manufacturer Guangdong, China. Reate Knives is a brand synonymous with building and producing high-quality knives.

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Reate Knives for sale

Reate Knives

David Deng founder of Reate Knives is a longtime knife enthusiast with a background in mechanical design and manufacturing, constantly strives for excellence and detailed perfection in all of Reate’s knife designs.

They are able to produce high quality knives for any market, and we only use the best professional production equipment to achieve this goal.

The management and production teams at Reate Knives Inc. consist of seasoned professionals who have the expertise to get the job done.

They are suitably equipped for the exact jobs, even the most demanding production and manufacturing requirements.

They also maintain some of the tightest cutlery tolerances; Excellence in all levels of productive projects.

They have worked with many major knife manufacturers around the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia; Production and cooperation with them, in addition to our own products, focusing on the highest quality produced.

They can do the same for its customers! While it is more cost effective, and in many cases it exceeds standards that other manufacturers cannot compete with.

Who and Where Reate Knives are made?

It’s just another China Knives making company which is highly specialized in its manufacturing and quality of services and offers premium quality knives just like We Knife Co.

Reate Knives purchase high quality steel and plate materials directly from the USA, Germany and Japan.

The common steels Reate Company uses in their manufacturing process are: Bohler M390, S35VN, S30V, S90V, VG10, RWL34, and Damascus; they are always in the forefront.

The handle materials of Reate Inc. use includes: 6AL4V titanium, carbon fiber, G10, copper, aluminum, wood, in addition to other natural materials.

Reate Knives Warranty

Reate Knives offers full warranty on all its products. As mentioned above, with strict quality assurance by its team and highly skilled knife makers using imported steel they produce free of defect knives in their assembly line.

But, in case, if a customer complains for any defect in its product, Reate Knives takes full responsibility and it checks the product against any manufacturing defects.

In such instance, a new replacement is sent by them or equivalent. For Repairs and replacement it’s always done after thorough inspection by quality members of  Knives team and further procedure is done accordingly.

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You can buy all knives with all their available variants with us which are as under

Reate Folding Pocket Knives

Reate Baby Machine Knife Series

Reate Epoch Knife Series

Reate Fallout Knife Series

Reate Future Knife Series

Reate Horizon Knife Series

Reate K1 Knife Series

Reate K2 Knife Series

Reate K3 Knife Series

 Reate K4 Knife Series

Reate New Torrent Knife Series

Reate Valhalla Knife Series

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