Bark River Knives

Bark River Knives is a leading knife manufacturer based in Escanaba, Michigan. The family business was started in 2001 by Mike Steward and Leslie Steward.

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Bark River Knives

The Bark River Knives Company ensures that the customer is satisfied when delivering the knife in better quality. The Company specializes in the manufacture and sale of kitchen knives and tableware. Bark River products are developed by heat treatment and Mike Steward ensures that each steel blade is made of high-quality raw material.

Bark River Knives provides a brief list of products that work effectively in different areas. The company uses a combination of traditional knife making techniques as well as the latest technology to produce products.

All products are made by hard working people. Being home to the famous manufacturers of custom and semi-custom knives that make the best knives is one of the things manufacturers believe and advocate for.

Learn more about the Bark River Knives family

Mike and Leslie Stewart had many years of experience and knowledge about knives and various types of knives. They have worked hard to produce affordable but functional. Well-designed knives and ensure that the customers are very satisfied. Her son Jim and his daughter Jacqueline have a very significant role to play in the company and its growth.

Jim is great at knowing the geometry of the edges and steel types that has helped manufacturers get a better perspective on materials and design. Jacqueline works effectively for marketing and distributing products worldwide.

Bark River Knives & Tools

Bark River Knives Provide high quality products made in the United States۔  Bark River Knife & Tools offers a variety of blades, survival equipment and advanced products for knife lifters, hikers, campers, travelers, hunters and professionals. The company offers the freedom to customize the knife to suit the customers’ needs and needs.

The design of the handle is the most important feature of the Bark River Knife, where various materials are used to make them, including G10, micrata, stagbone, antler, exotic wood and kernet.

What Bark River Knives Offers

Bark River Knives offers a wide range of hunting knives, classic knives, daily knives, folding knives, kitchen knives and professionals knives.

Where to buy Bark River Knives for Sale?

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