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The Gun Cleaning Rope can be used in the field, at the range, or as an addition to your home gun cleaning routine. 

The bore cleaning rope is made to clean the bore in a single motion by removing internal debris. Solvents and lubrication can be used to treat the rope further. Use it for routine gun maintenance or a quick field clean. 

Bore Cleaner is conventional solvent for gun cleaning loosens dirt and debris from firearm parts and removes fouling. Its solvent base helps clean and prevent lead and carbon buildup.  

It likewise contains areas of strength for an inhibitor to shield guns from consumption. A spotless weapon is a solid firearm. You’ll be ready to shoot again in a matter of seconds after the Ripcord® by Otis removes debris from your gun’s barrel. 

A cleaning rod can be one piece or come in sections, and it can be made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Using patches or brushes and solvent, it is pulled slowly back and forth through the barrel to clean the bores. These are by and large opened fix holders or bronze drag brushes. 

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