Cold Steel Knives

cold steel, cold steel knives, cold steel knives for sale
Cold steel knives for sale 2024

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Cold Steel Knives is a leading knife manufacturing company incorporated in 1980 by Lynn Thomson in California, USA.

cold steel, cold steel knives, cold steel knives for sale
Cold steel knives for sale 2024

The company is famous for its sophisticated, sophisticated and standard knife designs. Cold Steel knives are manufactured worldwide in various manufacturing units located in the

  • United States
  • Japan
  • South Africa
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • India
  • Italy

Cold Steel products usually appear in movies, games, web series and television shows. Knives and swords are manufactured by professional martial artists, swordsmen, specialists and weapons experts with experienced craftsmen.

The American company has left its mark on the market by offering knives, swords, cutlery knives, combat knives, blugs, muskets, canes, DVD videos, canes and other premium edge weapons.

This brand meets the needs and demands of hunters, hikers, knife / sword pickers, fishermen and outdoor travelers, as they offer a strictly sticky and durable product. Manufacturers ensure that cold steel products are used in both commercial and low profile jobs.

Cold Steel Knives technology & Innovation

Cold steel is world famous because blocking is the power found in almost all folding blades. The company uses a TRI-AD locking mechanism specially designed by Andrew Demko, a well-known manufacturer of custom blades in the manufacture of swords and folding knives.

Collaborations of Cold Steel

The company has also collaborated with several knife manufacturers in different worlds, such as

    • Bob Koga,
    • Fred Perrin,
    • Zach Watson,
    • Steven Lecherich
    • Keith Dahrt

Distinctive Products with State-of-The-Art Technology

Cold Steel is renowned worldwide since of lock strength discovered in practically every folding knife. The business uses a specifically developed TRI-AD locking mechanism, established by famous custom-made knife maker Andrew Demko, in manufacturing the swords and folding knives. The business has likewise teamed up with various knife makers from around the globe like Bob Koga, Fred Perrin, Zach Whitson, Steven Likarich and Keith Dehart to make and use the finest knives to the customers.

Durable and Reliable Material

Cold Steel are credited to popularize tanto blade in America, tanto blades are difficult and offers fantastic strength to the drawer in life-threatening scenario.

Cold Steel products are checked to carry out numerous tasks with fantastic ease that includes piercing any things, slicing through big and hard meat and bones, crafting and shearing ropes bush.

The swords are primarily designed from the hardest quality Damascus steel and 1055 high carbon steel.

The company prominently utilizes CP3V steel to develop big blade knives and swords as they need extreme strength. Every product is made from the top-quality material to make sure fantastic performance and durability.

Cold Steel’s Bestselling Product Range

The company uses a broad range of item line that includes kukris, batons, DVD videos, blowguns, folding knives, tomahawks, strolling sticks, swords, machetes, martial arts products and training equipment.

Cold Steel Push Daggers

The series provides modern-day and sharp twin edged daggers and small knives perfect for thrusting and stabbing jobs. These Push Daggers are made in Taiwan and have drop point, stonewash ended up blade manufactured from high carbon steel.

Cold Steel Axes and Hatchets

The wide variety of axes, hatches, axe handles, and hawks are often extremely valued by weapon professionals. The majority of these axes and hatchets are developed from state-of-the-art carbon steel which protects the products from rusting. These lightweight, sharp edged axes perform timber cutting and bush crafting tasks excellently with their comfy and user-friendly deals with.

Cold Steel Blowguns

Cold Steel Blowguns show a basic, yet effective weapon used for shooting darts. These light-weight blowguns are made from the finest quality aluminum with rubber mouthpiece. A few of these blowguns can target objects at approximately 20 lawns. Most of these blowguns are available with runner ferrules, dart quiver, mouthpiece, quiver guard.

Cold Steel Kitchen Knives

The variety provides a complete variety of kitchen area knives and culinary cutlery for both family and restaurant usage. The series consists of different kinds of kitchen area knives ideal to carry out cutting, boning, carving, slicing, sparring and peeling tasks. The majority of these knives have satin completed stainless-steel with slip-proof manage.

Cold Steel Fixed Blade Knives

Many of these knives are made from stainless steel or carbon steel, depending upon the type or design. These knives offer terrific functionality and perform cutting, hammering, throwing, digging and splitting tasks with ease.

Cold Steel Lockback Pocket Knives

The large item variety provides daily bring, collapsible knives with lock back locking system. The pocket knives feature TRI-AD locking system which provides single-hand operation to the user and lock the knife securely. The majority of these knives include finger choil and dual thumb stud to provide comfy grip to the user.

Cold Steel Linerlock Pocket Knives

The Linerlock knives are easy to use, maintain and bring with their smooth and compact design. These knives include spear point blade and clip point blade perfect for piercing, whittling, sparring and cutting tasks.

Cold Steel Swords

The company is known to manufacturer the finest professional swords accommodating martial artists, experts and swordsmen. These conventional sword blades are made stainless-steel, spring steel or carbon steel relying on the design. The swords feature long dual sharp-edged blades preferably developed for combating, cutting and thrusting.

Cold Steel Throwing Knives

This series provides exactly designed tactical throwing knives produced in South Africa. The black anodized knives have difficult blade building made from premium carbon steel. Some of these single-piece knives have actually paracord covered on the deal with to make sure soft grip. They are smartly designed to target items throughout short and long range.

Cold Steel Gladius Series

Many of these machetes have black polypropylene building which includes to the ergonomic feel of the items. Some of these machetes are available with black cor-ex sheaths and belt loops which uses simple availability to the user along with safe storage and transport.

Cold Steel’s Warranty Information

Cold Steel supplies warranty against any flaws in the product, craftsmanship and manufacturing of the product. The knives, hand-tools and accessories ought to not be used as hammers, pry bars, screwdrivers or chisels. Cold Steel cannot fix some of the items due to restricted availability of the parts and other related products of the product.

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