ESEE Knives

Excellent. That’s the top word to describe ESEE knives. Started 20 years back by the creators of Randall’s Adventure & Training and very first developed for Peruvian unique forces.

ESEE knives surpass the hype surrounding a lot of brands of survival items and concentrate on what works.

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Esee Knives for sale

Esee Knives

From the jungles of Peru, to the deserts of Iraq, to the mountains of Afghanistan, ESEE knives perform better when it counts because of high quality and being purpose built

If the objective depends upon the quality and the style of your gear, then you want the tools that are trusted across the board by law enforcement, military, and unique forces neighborhoods.

With numerous flexible and situational knives to pick from, our collection of ESEE fixed blade knives includes the blades, you need to satisfy your specifications, whether it’s bush craft, straight self-defense, tactical or EDC.

You can take to the wild with blades like the ESEE Izula, thought about by lots of to be among the finest full tang survival and rescue blades worldwide, or always come prepared with accessories like industry-leading sheathing options.

ESEE sheaths can be easily utilized with a high-tech tactical rig or used merely on your belt.

What does ESEE Knives Stand for?

ESEE takes its name from “Escuela De Supervivencia, Escapar, Evasión(The School of Survival, Escape, Evasion), an elite course begun by the Peruvian air force, who partnered with survival trainers Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin in the late 1990s.

From supreme tools like the LTMACH Machete to the military survival school-inspired ESEE 5, ESEE blades are designed to get the job done. If you want pretty, then you’ll probably desire to look someplace else.

Esee Knives Brand products line

ESEE is a company formed by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin to build knives – it stands for Escuela de Supervivencia (named after the Peruvian Air Force’s ESSEL jungle survival course) Escape and Evasion.

This can be well seen by Esee products line as well as Esee Knives are now made in USA, China, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, Haiti and Finland with S35VN stainless steel, AUG-8 and many other high carbon steel types which is as under:

ESEE Advanced Survival Gear

ESEE Knives Advanced Survival Gear Series makes up distinctively created advanced survival packages that are ideal for pilots, vehicle drivers, outdoorsmen and world tourists.

This Advanced Line includes easy-to-use survival gears, varying from fire sets to survival fishing sets.

ESEE Arrow Heads

The Line of Arrow heads by ESEE is one of the creative varieties of the brand. Lightweight and compact, these arrowheads are necessary outdoor devices when it comes to travelling, rock climbing or outdoor camping.

Finest suited for survivalists, hunters, and outdoorsmen, the practical arrowheads can be lashed to a branch, utilized as an arrow, or can be connected to a stick to use as a knife or spear.

ESEE Avispa Folding Pocket Knives

Avispa Series by ESEE Knives consists of a variety of frame lock folding swiss army knife that are light-weight and easy to run.

ESEE Camp Lore Knives

Developed to satisfy the demands for standard, fundamental, bush craft knives, the Camp-Lore Series was developed by ESEE Knives The series has a range of easy, conventional, set blade designs that have actually been field-proven for many years.

These fixed blade knives are geared up with carbon steel blade– durable adequate to be utilized for multiple purposes like cutting, slicing, and splitting.

ESEE Candiru Knives

The line consists of fixed blade knives with skeletonized handle, carbon steel blade, belt sheath, survival card, lashing holes, and other important functions.

The resilient and protective sheaths molded Kydex or nylon construction, lashing hole, and belt loop not just offer security to the blade but also provide the convenience of bring.

ESEE CM6 Combat Tactical Knives

The signing up with of Tactical and Practical making this knife at home in the American forests or the battlefields around the world.

The Knife whose 5 7/8″ blade is black powder covered made from 1095 carbon steel blade engraved with Chestnut Mountain Proving Grounds, NC, Marion.

These blades offer sharpened upper swedge which enhances penetration.

ESEE Imacasa Machetes

The Imacasa Series of ESEE Knives consists of a choice of machetes that are developed to be utilized for a variety of functions like gardening, farming, self-protection, high-force slicing, and more.

These machetes appropriate for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists who may experience unforeseeable difficulties during their journey.

ESEE Izula Knives

Izula Series is one of the popular collections of ESEE. These full tang blade knives are 6.25 inches in general.

ESEE Junglas Knives

The Junglas Fixed blade is the biggest of the fixed blade knives manufactured by ESEE.

The Junglas Series by ESEE Knives serves the outdoor enthusiasts with a selection of fixed blade knives, Molle panels, and knife sheaths.

ESEE Laser Strike Knives

At 10 inches total with a 4.875-inch blade the Laser Strike Line includes an assortment of fixed blade knives with a range of designs.

These knives are designed to use improved sturdiness to be used in various outdoor activities like outdoor camping, hammering, and travelling.

These multi-purpose set blade knives feature carbon steel blade, using uncomplicated performance in cutting and chopping jobs.

ESEE Model 3

At 8.25 inches general with a 3.875-inch blade. Design 3 Line includes an assortment of easy-to-use set blade knives, created with appealing colors.

These outdoor lifestyle devices are perfect for a large series of outside activities like camping, trekking, rock climbing, hunting, and fishing.

These fixed blade knives have a carbon steel blade construction, sharp top edge, full prolonged tang, canvas micarta grips, lanyard hole, glass breaker pommel, clip plate and a thumb ridge.

ESEE Model 4

At 9 inches total with a 4.5-inch blade the ESEE Model 4 is the next measure from the Model 3.

With all the very same functions as the 3 the 4 is simply larger in scale.

Call this the medium version we as the model 3 is the little.

ESEE Model 5

At 10.875 inches total with a 5.25-inch blade these Model 5’s are thought about the “Large” version in the Model series.

These knives include carbon steel blades, complete tang construction for added strength, glass breaker extended pommel and micarta grips.

ESEE Model 6

At 11.75 inches total with 5.75-inch blades. These Model 6’s are additional large version.

ESEE Knives Model 6 Series comprises the most practical and completely manufactured fixed blade knives and sheaths.

Using a high-durability, the ESEE knives’ tools include remarkable construction, light-weight style and precise outputs.

The majority of the ESEE knives are made in USA and consist carbon steel basic edge blade, providing high-resistance to abrasion and edge holding capability.

These ESEE outdoor knives mainly consist of powder coat surface, complete or extended tang, canvas micarta handles with a divot, suitable sheath, cable lock, boot clip and clip plate.

ESEE Passports

ESEE Knives Passport Series covers distinctively developed passport cases that appropriate for any traveler or adventure lover.

ESEE Tertiary Push Dagger Knives

ESEE Knives Tertiary Line includes a variety of push dagger full tang knives that are commonly used for hammering, fishing, trekking, searching or outdoor camping functions.

Offered in a compact design, these push dagger knives are created to conveniently suit hand.

Geared up with powder layered T-shaped handles, the tertiary knives offer a company grip for simple handling.

ESEE Venom Knives

Another popular line by ESEE is the Venom collection.

Started with the Venom Green Izula, the brand expanded their line of venom green knives.

The fixed blade knives have high carbon steel construction with powdered coat surface, making them resistant to corrosion, therefore adding to long-lasting performance.

ESEE Zancudo Folding Pocket Knives

4 inches closed. ESEE Knives Zancudo line includes a series of frame lock folding pocket knives that are equipped with a safe and secure locking system.

These knives are created and manufactured in Taiwan and China. The line consists of swiss army knife with D2 steel that uses moderate corrosion resistance.

The majority of these frame-lock folding swiss army knife include lanyard hole, thumb ridge, standard edge blade and thumb stud.

ESEE Knives Warranty Policy

In addition to combat-ready knives, ESEE is one of the leading companies of expert gear for severe survivalists and back nation course trainees.

The individuals who create ESEE knives are the same people who have actually depended on them in the field, and all ESEE products are backed by an incredible no questions asked service warranty.

Having actually a thrived stock, that includes more than 30,000 models of swiss army knife, fixed blade knives, searching knives, butterfly knives, machetes, flashlights and knife sharpeners;

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