Marbles Knives

Marbles Knives

Buy Marbles knives for sale. Large selection of Marbles knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, machetes, Bowie knife sheaths, paracord, and more by Marbles Knives

The Marbles Knives are one of the most reliable tools that are specifically designed to give user confidence in the most demanding situations.

The Marbles knives are designed with the ability to withstand extreme conditions, the distribution of weight appropriate knives along with the use of the material sheet praise makes impeccable knives for use in combat or situations that threaten life.

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Marbles Knives for sale

Marbles Knife Company

The Marbles Knife Company also known as Marbles Outdoors Knives has invested considerable time to bring excellent products and improve the overall functionality of the knives.

Optimal and robust construction of Sharp edge resistance leaves an ideal example for the knife manufacturing industry not only in USA but all over the world. It was subsidiary of Marbles Arms but now the production and brand name rights have been sold to other knife distributors in USA.

History of Marbles Knives

Webster L. Marble was himself an outdoor enthusiast having huge experience with camping, hunting, fishing, and exploring the wilderness of nature. His dedication and passion towards his work were completely reflected in the broad range of products that he invented for surviving most of the demanding situation.

The foundation stone of Marbles Knives was laid under his guidance. Since then, there is no turning back. With his deep understanding of the tools, he successfully designed and manufactured durable and practical survival tools.

Marbles Knives Warranty Policy

Marbles Outdoors Knives offers quality and high-performance knives, shovels and varied other survival tools for combat situations.

The products are quality tested and designed by the skilled craftsmen to bring forth optimal performance. Every item by Marbles Knives is warranted to be completely without any kind of manufacturing defects.

In unusual case, if any of the items are found to flaw then, quality team members of the Marbles Knives company inspection will be done to make sure that the item is really defected and is not mishandled or misused.

The product will be sent for additional repair or replacement just after total inspection; the procedure solely depends upon the availability of the product.

Apart from this, the products are not meant to be utilized as crowbar, chisels, or screwdrivers that can hamper the item’s performance.

Marbles Knives’ massive product range

The massive product range caters to the everyday carry purposes, tactical situations, hunting programs and varied survival programs. Aside from knives, Marble Knives have paracords, shovels, holsters, survival kits which have won praise from professionals worldwide and is as under:

Marbles Fixed Blade Knives

These Marbles fixed blade knives are manufactured for camping, fishing, and hunting and other adventurous activities. These knives are tough and there is a wide variety of design in this series. The tough and compact construction of Marbles fixed blade knives are mean to survive high distortion and compression. The penetration ability of these blades is commendable and they hardly break (spilt into halves). Tasks like cutting, slicing and even chopping are very easy with Marbles fixed blade knives.

Marble Hunting Knives

Marble hunting knives are mostly fixed blade knives with stainless clip along with skinning blades that are accompanied with bone handles offering a secure grip and gives Marbles Hunter knife a character. There are also variants where scrimshaw style artwork and nickel bolsters gives Marbles Hunting knives a perfect designer look and feel. They are made with high quality steel and mostly they have leather sheaths and they are premium quality.

Marbles Bowie Knives

Marbles Bowie knives are designed with heavy duty tasks in mind. Their constructed to perform in tough tactical and survival situations. These bowie knives hardly split into halves. The blade length and its balance in hand offers secure and comfortable hold for longer durations are compared with other Bowie knives. The handles are of good size can are comfortable to use with or without gloves for all hand sizes. That is why they are considered ideal for all types of emergency survival situations and everyday cutting tasks.

Marbles Machetes

Marbles machetes have full tang blade offering its users more leverage for making tough cuts with added durability. Machetes are broad blades and are used mostly for cutting or chopping action especially in tropical and sub-tropical countries especially cutting through rainforest undergrowth. Thus, these Marbles Knives Machetes have curve blade and also have lanyard hole at the end of handle for easy carrying.

Marbles Saw back Machetes

These Marbles Saws are designed for cutting, performing heavy duty tasks. These SAWS come in 18” and 14 inches in size. Both are made with 1075HC Steel with Orange polypropylene handles. The handles are designed to provide secure grip. As the name suggests Marbles Saw Back Machete, SAW is on upper side. They are best for survival and tactical use.

  1. Marbles Saw Back Machete 14 inches
  2. Marbles Saw Back Machete 18 inches

Marbles Hatchet

Marbles hatchets are constructed using 1045HC Stainless Steel known for its sharp edge. Marbles Hatchet comes with American hickory handle having a large lanyard hole. The handles of these hatches are made with smooth bone mostly and they are full tang in terms of their blade construction making them tough and rugged.

Marbles Skinner Knives

This Marbles Skinner Knives series are used by professional skinners as they have wide yet short blade made mostly with surgical steel offering minimum flexibility resulting in optimal performance during skinning. Marbles skinner knives have full tang blade construction and they are designed to give maximum control of blade for complicated and delicate work resulting tough cuts easy to do.

Marbles Traditional Pocket Knives

Marbles Traditional Pocket Knives are best known for camping, hunting, hikes, treks, camping and if needed for combats. These are of premium material not in in terms of its blade steel but also the handles are made with premium quality materials. This makes them sturdy, compact and suitable for all daily routine tasks and for outdoor activities. The handles of these traditional pocket knives are ergonomically designed and you will not find any hotspot in your hand resulting in comfortable and secure grip even for longer time.

Marbles 100 Anniversary Woodcraft Knife

Marbles 100 Anniversary knife is among the oldest and most famous knife. Older Marbles Knives are considered vintage and are sold in $$$-$$$$. This knife series is still made in USA with premium grade stainless steel and comes only in satin finish. The blade has woodcraft etched and knives are quite sturdy and durable. Their penetration ability remains flawless even after repetitive rough uses. The handles of Marbles 100th Anniversary Knife are made with stacked leather having aluminum pommel and nickel silver guard. Thus, this Marbles 100th anniversary woodcraft knife is best known for their long lasting cutting performance especially meat whether it’s raw or cooked.

Marbles 120th Anniversary Knife

Marbles Knives another historic and still continued series is Marbles 120 Anniversary Knife which is a premium knife. All knives in this series have inch blade with full tang construction having different knife handle materials making it a premium knife to have. Its best known for heavy duty tasks especially when you are on hike or trek. Thus, the perfect designing of the knives gives a classic look and the materials from blade to handle lasts long.

Marbles Trapper Pocket Knives

These Trapper pocket knives are designed for demanding task of trapping profession. As Marbles Trapper Pocket knives have spey blade for skinning and gutting complimenting another large clip blade for piercing and cutting tasks. The handles of this Marbles tracker pocket knife series provide comfortable grip even if user is wearing gloves. Thus, they are light weight and foldable knives which are easy to carry as well.

Marbles Damascus steel Knives

These knives have Damascus etched stainless clip blade. Marbles Damascus steel knives are among the finest heavy duty knives in the market with premium quality materials used in their construction. As these Marbles Damascus knives come with stag bone handles, inlay shields, leather sheaths. These knives are mostly manufactured in China.

Marbles Sheaths

Marbles knives sheaths comes in Leather and in synthetic materials like Kydex and Nylon. These sheaths are perfect close fitting covers for Marbles knives blades, Marbles Axes, Marbles machetes and even marbles hatchets. As selecting the right sheath is vital for keeping your blade in good condition.

Marbles Folding Pocket Knives

Marbles folding pocket knives are ideal for everyday carry and even tactical purposes. These knives are manufactured to withstand distortion and high compression which makes them survive even after multiple roughest uses. These pocket knives have perfect finishing and the wide handles provide secure yet comfortable grip which is mostly demanded by Pocket knives users.

Marbles folding pocket knives use two locking mechanisms Linerlock and Lockback and therefore, both these mark different impression and character not only in their appearances but also materials

Marbles Linerlock Pocket Knives

These liner lock pocket knives by Marbles Knives are premium blades with mostly with black stonewash finish having dual thumb studs along either stainless assisted opening blades mechanism. The deer track cutouts with G10 handles provide exceptional look and provide very secure grip in most situations. Marbles Linerlock Pocket knives normally come with stainless steel pocket clips and mostly have black stonewash finish. These are made and meant for everyday carry purposes and great pocket knives as well.

Marbles Lockback Pocket Knives

This series of Marbles knives are sleet and they are meant for recreational and survival purposes mostly by their users. These Marbles Lockback Pocket knives mostly have matte finish and they are designed specifically having surgical steel clip point blades. As for Handles of these Lockback knives they are finger grooved and have lanyard hole for utmost convenience.

Marbles Axes

Marbles axes are of tough construction making them perfect for multiple roughest uses as done in survival, camping, hunting and even in combats. The blades are made with high quality steel for long lasting sharpness and edge retention. The handles of Marbles Axes are manufactured in such a way that they not only provide commendable grip but they hold secure in hands making them more of tactical usage as well.

Marbles Shovels

These shovels are mainly used for digging, lifting and moving materials in bulk. The blades or pan of Marbles shovels are broad and handle length is medium. There is variation in handle materials which varies from fiberglass, wood (ash or maple). Marbles Shovels are designed for heavy duty tasks.

Marbles Compasses

This piece of gear is designed by Marble Knives for its adventure enthusiastic. As Marbles Compasses have their traditional brass body with latest CNC precision machining they are waterproof, dust proof and much stronger than ever before. Marbles Compasses also have luminous dials in its models also they also have variants with both pin on and pocket compass.

Marbles Knife Sharpeners

Marbles Knives also have knife sharpeners in its product arsenal so anyone can sharpen its knife anytime. These sharpeners are great at sharpening knives with very low effort and one can get razor sharp knives in no time with Marbles Knife Sharpeners. Marbles knife sharpeners are mostly made in USA

Marbles Match-Safe Series

Marbles match safe is now available stainless steel which is reproduced from its original patent in 1900s. The main compartment of marbles match safe easily accommodates small disposable lighter and matches. The match striking surface is only accessible by removing the compartment at the bottom of Marbles Match Safe.

There are also combos where you can buy one with compass.

Marbles Parachute Cord

Marbles Paracord or Marbles Parachute cord is a lightweight nylon rope, which is designed for use in suspension lines of the parachute. The paracord is often used as a general-purpose utility cord by civilians and military personnel, for a varied different purpose. It is available in different standard and types that are categorized according to elongation, core yarns, strength, length per pound, and sheath structure. These are all made in USA

Marbles knives price guide

We have Marbles Knives price guide for ease of use. For easy understanding, Marbles Knives highest product price is $107.09 and lowest is as low as $5. You will find details of all products with us but in short, marbles knives are premium quality yet very low priced because of these the knives are made in China. Chicago Knife Works buy Marbles Knives from company’s official distributor yet offers lowest prices on all marble knives products.

Are Marbles knives made in the USA?

Marbles Knives products are mostly made in Germany, El Salvador, USA, Canada, China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

For example: Marble No 3 Safety axe is made in Canada whereas the Cap is made in Bangladesh.

Similarly, some marbles axes, machetes and even Hatchets are made in El Salvador. Mostly the accessories like paracords, sheaths and marbles knife sharpeners are mostly made in USA.

Where to buy Marbles Knives for Sale?

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