Shop Flytanium Scales and accessories for Benchmade knives, Spyderco, Kershaw and many other Knife brands to enhance your everyday carry

Falytanium accessorizes your knife with its scales & accessories. These makes replacement scales and other accessories to help enhance your EDC.

Shop Flytanium Scales and accessories which are made using only the best materials and most advanced machining.

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Flytanium accessories for Sale

What is Flytanium?

Flytanium is created as a resource for people who want to customize their knife or knives, making them uniquely their own. By using the best materials available with most advanced machining processes. They have set out to manufacture and definitely design the best EDC Accessories likes Knife Scales, Thumb studs, Ceramic bearings, washers and much more.

As they have a background in industrial design and manufacturing of knives, they have teamed up with some of the best machinists in the industry to bring collectors and EDC users the best accessory items.

Flytanium Products Range

Chicago Knife Works has vast variety of Flytanium products for you to choose from not only Flytanium scales but also thumb studs, Knife Back spacers, ceramic ball bearings, washers and even rings for the knives.

Mostly these products are made for following brands and their Knives such as

Flytanium Balisong

Flytanium Balisong scales are made in USA and are available for Kershaw Lucha and for Benchmade Balisong knives such as 62, 63, 67 & 62T.

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