Victorinox Knives

Victorinox knives popularly named as Swiss Army Knife is known best designed multi tool pocket knives.

These Swiss Army Knives are best known products manufactured by Victorinox Knives, a famous knife manufacturing brand from Switzerland.

And the knives got their name SWISS ARMY KNIFE because of its land of invention.

The Swiss Army Knife was incorporated in 1891 by a German Knife enthusiast named Karl Elsener. The versatility and the reliability of his knives designs led it to worldwide recognition.

Today, Swiss Army Knife aka Victorinox is known for designing high grade pocket Knives with different locking mechanism, knife sheaths, pouches, kitchen knives and also fixed blade knifes.

The Swiss Army Knives company manufactures a wide range of professional and household knives made to perform different task catering to needs of its users.

The company mainly caters to Do it Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts, Knife collectors, Hikers, Campers, Travels and definitely adventure fanatics.

Swiss Army Knives – multipurpose EDCs

Swiss Army Knife aka Victorinox knives are manufactured to perform all sorts of task making them highly functional whenever needed.

Given some of these Swiss Army Knives manufactured by Victorinox are primarily used for military and law enforcement agencies but their main customers are civilians who use the in their daily routine.

The Victorinox knives are used as standard equipment by NASA astronauts and it’s also been taken to Mount Everest & Arctic being handy and light weight.

Victorinox also manufacture customize Swiss Army Knife as per the requirement of its customers.

What to Expect from Victorinox Knives?

The Swiss Army Knife (all designs so far) are designed to be reliable and tough enough so they can perform extensively in rugged terrains and harsh weathers like of Mount Everest and Arctic.

The Swiss Army Pocket Knives also referred to as folding knives offer variety of multi-tools.

These multi-tools include bottle openers, scissors, can openers, tweezers, even some models of Swiss Army Pocket Knife also have nail clippers, nail file, screwdriver, reamer with sewing eye and corkscrew.

These Swiss army knives are also loved by people who love to do fishing, with variety knives, screw driver, scissor, fish scalers etc.

It’s easy for them to carry all in 1 package at affordable price and with convince of carry.

From steel quality, sharpness, ease of use of all multi tools, the handles of all Swiss Army Knives excel in quality as well.

These handles of Swiss Army Pocket knives, Victorinox Kitchen Knives or other tools all are made from high grade Fibrox, Synthetic Nylon or ABS.

The Sheath or pouch that comes with each Victorinox Knife or Swiss Army knife is made with durable premium quality leather most of the time making them easy belt carry.

 Where are Victorinox knives made?

The Victorinox knives factory is in Ibach, Switzerland which produces over 45,000 Swiss Army Knives( Pocket Knives ), Kitchen Knives(Pairing knives, bread knives  etc.) each day and exports them to over 120 countries.

But Victorinox Paring Knife is made in Sweden & Victorinox Cut resistant gloves are made in USA.

Similarly, Victorinox display stands, sharpening rods, and other accessories are made in China.

Where is Victorinox headquartered?

Victorinox is the parent company. Swiss Army is a brand owned by Victorinox. Wenger is a company that owns the brand Swiss Army. In 2005 Victorinox acquired Wenger. Wegner is now known for its wallets.

What steel does Victorinox use?

Victorinox uses High Carbon Stainless steel of its fixed blade knives also known as Victorinox Chef Knives whereas, all Swiss Army Knives are have stainless steel blade construction.

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