Stedemon Knives

Stedemon Knife Company manufactures mid to high end premium built pocket knives for ease of use in different sizes and styles for its users.

Stedemon Knives are durable, uniquely designed and are close competitors of WE Knives and Rike Knife being a Chinese Knife Manufacturer.

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Stedemon Knives for sale

Stedemon Knives

Stedemon Knives is well known Chinese knives & tools manufacturing company with specialty in providing pocket knives, fixed blades, tactical accessories, outdoor gear & spinners.

All Stedemon products offer innovation yet keep ergonomics in their designs with high level of functionality is worth mentioning.

Maxace Knives is another brand owned by Stedemon Knife Company which is produces unique and entirely different premium folding knives for their higher end users & customers whereas, Stedemon Knives are more affordable in terms of price.

Stedemon knives design knives for campers, trekkers, outdoor professionals, hikers & even travelers who are looking for premium quality, distinctive looks, functionality and above all long lasting performance.

The Company’s main focus is on unique visual appeal & style with full functionality design and use of premium materials and superb finish.

Thus, making their knives & tools unique in terms of designs and robust during use, long lasting because of premium quality and special heat treatment of their blades.

10 Best Selling Stedemon Knives for Sale

We have more than 30 plus Stedemon Knives, Stedemon Pens & Stedemon Spinners in stock which are on sale with lowest discounted prices. As we are currently offering free shipping, buy 1 item and get 2 free gifts on selected items!

Following is a list of 10 Best Selling Stedemon Knives which are for Sale with us:

  1. Stedemon BP01 Knife
  2. Stedemon BP02 Knife
  3. Stedemon C06 Knife
  4. Stedemon Dong Shan Knife
  5. Stedemon DSM Knife
  6. Stedemon P01 Tactical Pen aka Stedemon EDC Tactical Pen
  7. Stedemon Shy IV Knife
  8. Stedemon TS06 Knife
  9. Stedemon Uncle One Knife
  10. Stedemon ZKC Knife
  • Stedemon Spinner Series
    • These hand spinners are great fidgeting toys made from heavy-duty brass with a machined satin finish.
    • The titanium pivot of these spinner have an enclosed ceramic balls providing maximum spin times.
    • These brass Stedemon spinners are great for spending leisure times as they put restless hands and mind at ease all the time.

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