Rike Knife

Rike Knives are knives designed by Richard Wu who has sound background in manufacturing and in mechanical design with love and passion for knives.

As Rike Knife provides OEM Services, which does not mean that their knives are copied from other designers.

All Knives under Rike Knife brand are original in design by Rike Knife team and its founder Richard Wu.

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Rike Knives for sale

Rike Knives

The brand name Rike Knife is derived from its founder’s name by taking first two letters of Richard Wu’s name which are “R & I” and it’s been change to Rike.

Rike Knife is another high quality Chinese manufacturing just like We Knives & Kizer Knives.

Thus, Rike Knife founded by Richard Wu making strong impression with premium materials and excellent craftsmanship creating excellent knives

Where Rike Knives are made?

Rike Knives are 100% made in China, with its manufacturing facility Rike Knife. Co Ltd situated in Yangjing, Guangdong Province.

Their Knives manufacturing facility is equipped with all state of the art production equipment along with highly skilled, robust and professional production team not only involved in production of Rike Knife but also in OEM or Custom Knives for their clients.

They have its own independent R&D also which is responsible for creating, designing all Rike Knives.

What materials Rike Knives use?

Rike Knife uses different types of blade materials for construction of their knives which includes, stainless steels like 154CM, Bohler M390, CPM S35VN apart from D2 tool steel or Dama Steel variants.

Similarly they provide options of different blade finish types like Titanium coated, bead blast, mirror or even satin finish to their blades.

Most of Rike Knives are Framelock or liner lock with few expectations of fixed blade knives in its portfolio.

Mostly, Rike Knife products are Karambits, Draggers or Premium Knives which are stylish, purpose built with optimal ergonomics.

Over the years with maintaining quality and coming up with unique yet practical knives, Rike Knife Company has been able to gain its reputation not just as Knife Manufacturing company.

But as a brand and they sale most of Rike Knives in United States, Russia, Europe and all around the world.

All Rike Knives are of premium quality and have superior product design making them excellent in value and with good customer services and support. With time they have gained more returning customers every month and year.

Where to Shop Rike Knives with lowest price?

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