Maxace Knives are premium lightweight knives known for its sleek & unique appeal with original designs being manufactured in China.

Maxace Knives, Maxace Knife , Maxace Knives for sale
Maxace Knives for sale

Maxace Knives

Maxace Knives is a subsidiary of Stedemon Knife Company but the design options are entirely different when compared with Stedemon knives to Maxace Knives.

These are mostly premium pocket knives made with high quality materials with superb finish.

All these knives are practical in use and designed to last long as compared to other Chinese made knives being offered in the market as per their claim.

Maxace Knives are relatively new brand in US Market with major focus on premium folding knives such as Goliath, Heron & Sandstorm. It also offers Balisong knives such as Scorpius and Obsidian.

These practical knives are easy to maintain with superb action upon deployment and easy to close using button lock, Linerlock and Framelock mechanisms.

Maxace Knives for Sale

Maxace knives is being sold to different dealers across the globe yet, We (Chicago Knife Works) offer the lowest prices on all Maxace Knives in US with options like free shipping & buy 1 Maxace Knife get 2 free gifts offer on certain products as per our discount policy.

Maxace Knives are on a mission to design better products creating good experience to its users in their everyday tasks and we help you offering more than lowest prices & free shipping.

What materials are being used in Maxace Knives?

For Blade Maxace used different premium steels such as M390, CPM S35Vn, VG10, CTS 204P, 440C, D2 tool steel whereas for handle materials the brand offers multiple options such as TC4 titanium handle scales, 7075 aluminum ally, carbon fiber, glass fiber G10 and even natural stable wood to its users.

Who Owns Maxace Knives?

Stedemon Knife Company Owns Maxace Knives both, having same manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China but have entirely different design & budget offerings for their customers & users.


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