Artisan Cutlery

Artisan Cutlery offers outstanding folders that won’t burden your pocket or break the bank. Artisan Cutlery designs everyday carry knives also called pocket knives for both users and collectors.

Artisan Cutlery

Artisan Cutlery for sale 2024

These Artisan knives strike the perfect balance between ergonomics, price, function and also worth mentioning the craftsmanship with attention to detail in each Artisan Cutlery knife.

Just like Rike Knife, Artisan knives or cutlery is China based company with its Head office in Yangjiang, China whereas it also has another office in Chino Hills California USA for its US based customers.

Artisan Cutlery

With 20 years of experience in knife making the team of Artisan Cutlery not only consist of machinists but they have a proper team of designers which lead them to have such a vast catalog of knives whose ergonomics and precision craftiness and attention to detail of pieces meant to last in minds of its users and collectors.

Where to buy Artisan Cutlery for Sale?

You can shop all Artisan knives and cutlery products for Sale with us at Chicago Knife Works. We offer the lowest best discounted prices on all Artisan Cutlery Knives with worldwide fastest shipping and free giveaway gifts which you can choose from our website as well.

Where are Artisan Cutlery knives made?

All Artisan knives are made in China and shipped all over the world from there to its distributors and wholesalers. Just like We Knives have another brand called CIVIVI Knives, Artisan also has its another brand CJRB Knives where all knives are made with D2 Steel.

Are Artisan Cutlery knives any good?

Artisan Company has a catalog of 500 plus products including edc knives like pocket knives with Framelock or liner locks. They use the highest quality materials and proven manufacturing methods to produce high performance cutting tools that will stand the test of time.

Artisan Company offers knives made from Damascus, Bohler 390 Stainless Steel, S35VN and cheap yet very durable steel which is D2 stainless less for cheaper models. 

Why to buy Artisan Cutlery knives from Chicago Knife Works?

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