CJRB knives

All CJRB knives are assembled and machine by same manufacturing team involved in crafting Artisan Cutlery knives.

There is no compromise being done on quality or attention to detail one can see on its parent or company’s knives.

According to some analysts CJRB knives are close competitor to Civivi Knives in terms of price and at times of material as both Brands have D2 stainless steel blades.

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CJRB knives for sale 2024

CJRB Knives

All CJRB Knives have distinct feature of ease of opening with one hand and the noticeable smoothness of the blade coming out. There is a huge variety of different CJRB folding knives not only in blade shapes but also with different handles which come in different colors. You can choose any CJRB knife which suits your taste and budget.

Best CJRB Knives Pocket Knives

Customers and users are the best judge of all. And as per their opinion, following 5 are the best knives made by CJRB brand so far which are well taken by its customers and users alike over the period. As all the following knives are made with D2 Steel with carbon fiber handles available in different colors for you to choose from.

1.      CJRB Crag

2.      CJRB Centros

3.      CJRB Rampart

4.      CJRB Fledspart

5.      CJRB Talla

CJRB Knives FAQs

Are CJRB knives Good?

Yes, CJRB knives are good knives as they their blades are made with D2 steel which provides a great cutting edge and having nice HRC ratings too. D2 blade steel is very easy to sharpen and can be made razor sharp to even shave hairs.

Who Makes CJRB Knives?

CJRB Knives is a sub brand of Artisan cutlery offering great EDC Knives featuring high quality materials, high end skilled design and manufacturing team with strict quality control yet making very budget friendly priced knives to afford.

Where are CJRB Knives made?

All CJRB Knives are made in China at same facility and by same team responsible for manufacturing Artisan Cutlery Knives.

Why to buy from Chicago Knife Works?

We are the best online knife store offering more than 30,000 products, 800 brands from 500 plus manufacturers offering the lowest prices even lower than Amazon with secure payments with 30 days return and refund policy. You can buy not only CJRB Brand items but also all types of knives, throwing knives, flashlights etc.

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