Terzuola Knives

Terzuola Knives are designed by famous knife maker Bob Terzuola who is known for his tactical folding knife designs since 1981.

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Terzuola Knives for sale

Bob Terzuola Tactical Knives

If you ever for tactical folding knife designers, you will find his name at the top because Bob is the one who invented tactical folding knives category for professional use.

He collaborated with different brands over the years and his knives are well received by users all over the world.

Terzuola Tactical ATCF Lite Knives

Terzuola Tactical ATCF Lite Knives are custom made knives by Bob Terzuola are drop point blades made with Nitro V Steel having Linerlock mechanism with G10 handle scales available in different colors and blade finish for sale with us at Chicago Knife Works.

Brands in Collaboration with Bob Terzuola

MKM, Pro Tech Knives, Fox Knives, CRKT, CIVIVI, Meyerco & even Spyderco Knives have collaborated with Bob Terzuola when it comes to ultimate folding tactical knives which can be used as EDC.

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