VDK Knives

VDK Knives pocket knives have superb ergonomics, exceptionally designed for great cutting experience with collection worthy aesthetics.

VDK Knives represents the work of Vlad Domozhirov who is passionate knife collector. VDK brand is known for its unique, distinctive and exceptional look in everyday knives while keeping high attention to aesthetics, functionality and its appeal to eyes. These VDK Knives are perfection addition to knife collection and loved by its users and collectors.

Mostly, VDK Knives are manufactured by a renowned Chinese knife making company and Brand We Knife Co. who also provides OEM services to many other companies as well.

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VDK Knives for sale

VDK Co. Knives

VDK Knives are premium folding everyday carry knives and are easy to draw and fold via Framelock or Liner-locking mechanism. Mostly, these knives have straight edge with Sheepsfoot blades with dull back curving towards the edge at the bottom. Read more about Blade types in detail. You will have Tanto blade type as well as drop point blade in VDK Knives as well.

VDK Knives specializes in designing everyday carry knives which are easier to fold, practical in use, optimal in size to fit easily in pockets or in bags of their users. The main focus of VDK knives is on action mechanism of these blades during deployment and closing.

VDK Knives – Product Series

VDK Knives has a product catalogue of almost 29 knives with 4 major knives having different variants and options for its users & collectors.

VDK Talisman Knife

the Talisman Knife (9 variants in total) are made with premium grade D2 tool steel with handle materials made with premium G10 to boost the durability and comfort to hands during use. The handles are ergonomically designed. All VDK Talisman knives comes with nylon zippered storage case. It’s ideal for tactical tasks as well as for EDC use.

VDK Vice Knife

There are 13 variants of VDK Vice Knife so far which includes liner lock but mostly have frame lock mechanism. These VDK Vice Knives are designed keeping tactical tasks in mind and they can survive extreme pressure and bear repeated strokes. The blades of these Vice Knife are made with Bohler M390 stainless steel with satin & stonewash finish while the handle materials have titanium and carbon fiber inlays. All VDK Vice Knife have robust construction. All these knives come with lanyard holes, extended tang and with pocket clip as well.

VDK War Admiral Knife

These VDK War Admiral Knives have sturdy and robust handles made with titanium while blade of these knives is made with Bohler M390. These are great pocket knives having Sheepsfoot blade shape and comes with pocket clip and thumb pull deployment action.

VDK Wasp Knife

There are 4 variants of VDK Wasp knife. All of them are made with premium steel Bohler M390 stainless with Tanto blade shape. Tanto blades of these knives offer commendable strength & sturdiness to penetrate easily through most of materials & surfaces. It’s more of tactical cum pocket EDC. All Wasp Knife in this series have titanium handle materials which are checkered providing excellent grip. These knives are robust, durable and premium in terms of materials, construction and ergonomics and definitely the price.

Who makes VDK knives?

VDK Knives represents the work of Vlad Domoizhriov who was passionate knife collector and knife designer now. All Vlad Domoizhriov are manufactured by We Knife Co. known for its We Knives & its affordable range of knives called Civivi Knives.

Where are VDK knives made?

VDK Knives are 100% made in China. The knives are designed by Vlad Domoizhriov, whereas manufactured by We Knife Co. who owns We Knives & Civivi Knives.

Are VDK Knives Good?

Yes, VDK Knives are good in terms of quality, fit, finish, practicality and ergonomics. All materials used in VDK Knives are of premium quality and manufacturing is done by WE KNIFE Co. These VDK Knives are premium knives and considered great for use and collection purposes.

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