Swiza Swiss Pocket Knives with history spanning over 110 years based in Jura, technically improved the Swiss Knife with a better blade locking system, ergonomic grips, introduced soft touch finish, making easy access to blades & tools and making sure their Swiss Pocket Knives works best for both right and left handed alike!

SWIZA manufactures a new generation of Swiss pocket knives reflecting their century old craftsmanship of watches in their innovative pocket knife designs

Swiza Knives , Swiza Swiss Knives, Swiza for sale
Swiza Knives for sale

Swiza Swiss Knives

All time famous – the legendary Swiss Army Knife which was same for decades have been redesigned by Swiza Knives.

The results superb with unique style and manufactured in Jura, Switzerland, this company restored the status of local cutlery in Switzerland.

As mentioned above, Swiza Knives brought key innovations in their swiss army knife with better locking system, making the handle curved shape for better grip, the soft touch finish are just a few to mention.

This new multi tool knife is brainchild of Estragon, a product design company in Zurich keeping high quality standards, Swiss tradition and Innovation in perfect proportions resulting in innovative and durable multi tool pocket knives.

Swiza Swiss pocket knives

In 2015, Florian Lachat & Peter Hug started SWIZA – a brand based in Jura with new identity and with core competence in their designs with more new business lines in international markets with

  • Swiza Swiss Knives
  • Swiza Wristwatch
  • Swiza Luggage

Swiza Wristwatches

As, the Company SWIZA was founded more than a century ago with primarily focus on developing, designing and manufacturing alarm clocks, table clocks and watch movements. In 2015 onwards they started with wristwatches business as well.

Swiza Swiss Knives

With success in Swiss watches and clocks over the years, they set their sights to new Swiss Knife designed which are destined to become a new standard in pocket knives and becoming a must have accessory for everyone and giving tough time to other manufacturers of multi tools in their local and in international markets.

Where are Swiza knives made?

All Swiza Knives are made in Jura & Zurich Switzerland, with premium quality materials and superb designs making them innovators in Swiss Knife Industry.

Swiza Swiss Pocket Knives Warranty

All Swiza Knives come with standard Lifetime Warranty.

Swiza for Sale

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