Svord knives

Svord knives are made in New Zealand by master cutler Bryan Baker since 1983. Today, Svord Knives are recognized the world over for their high quality and great value.

Svord Knives, Svord Knife Svord Knives for sale
Svord Knives for sale

Svord knives

The early SVORD Knives were forged by hand and individually, therefore, they were very expensive. Bryan Baker rethink his manufacturing methods and also the pricing of his knives so we can remain competitive on New Zealand’s sports market.

His idea of “stock removal” soon carved a niche as the knives were more attractive, affordable and soon there was a demand for them too.

Over the years, the designs improved and there was steady increase in demand for his SVORD Knives through credibility and popularity in New Zealand.

Then once he has a chance of meeting Czechoslovak knife maker who actually gave a real boost to his knives business by passing a knife secrets to him, resulting unique hardening and tempering process which gives Bryan Baker’s knives much stronger and durable edge retention leading to much more durable knives.

With these skills & secrets acquired by Baker, he started using them on all his knives. Thus, setting a unique combination of Swedish Cutlery Steel with secret heat treatment and tempering all SVORD blades turn superb blades.

From there onwards, SVORD Knives has continued its growth domestically and later internationally. Their quality and functional design and increase in demand set the road of success for SVORD blades.

Thus, Most of SVORD Knives are 100% made in New Zealand and handcrafted from innovative designs by master Cutler Bryan Baker.

Currently, most of Svord Knives are made in New Zealand but there are few models which are being made in Switzerland and even China. You can buy bird knives, skinner knives, fillet and hunting knives for which this brand is famous for.

SVORD Knives for Sale

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