SureFire is known as the leading manufacturer and supplier of practically designed weapon-mounted lights, sound-suppressors, laser sights, headlamps and above all flashlights.

SureFire is Limited Liability Company, founded in October 17, 1979 by Dr. John Mathews, Dr. Peter Hauk & Ed Reynolds in Fountain Valley, California USA.

Surefire Company is specializes in Tactical Equipment especially Illumination Tools. Its products are made in USA and also sold and used in United States law enforcement agencies.

In 1984, SureFire supplied shotgun laser sights to Los Angeles Police Department for use during Summer Olympics.

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Surefire Flashlights for sale

SureFire Flashlights

Every SureFire flashlight is manufactured in United States and some of their parts are out sourced overseas as well such as LEDS.

These SureFire-Flashlights are of very high quality and are available in different sizes, housing compositions with power outputs as the use.

Most of these flashlights are weather resistant and are easy to carry as EDC.

These flashlights are loved by hunters, hikers, campers, travelers and adventure enthusiast because of their high quality and durability.

SUREFIRE Flashlights can be divided into 3 main groups

SureFire Weapon lights

When Law Enforcement Agencies wanted to mount lights to their duty weapons without adversely affecting the ability to shoot quickly and accurately.

Dr. Matthews and his team came up with a solution, and the modern Weapon light was born for tactical usage.

Now produces military weapon lights for mounting not only on handguns but also on rifles, sub-machine guns and shotguns.

SureFire Flashlights

SureFire is the world’s most prolific manufacturer of top-tier illumination tools because they always strive to deliver the next technical breakthrough.

The proof is in their numerous patents which they have over the years.

They keep up the innovation and are now they produce most premium, durable and advance flashlights in the world.

Are SureFire flashlights waterproof?

Yes, Surefire flashlights are waterproof as the Company guarantees that their flashlights are waterproof up-to 33feet/10 meters.

But you should keep in mind that they have not accounted for aging / shelf life of their flashlights and with time, it cannot be guaranteed as the seals and components in these flashlights won’t perform their purpose.

This can happen over years of use as these flashlights are made with very high quality materials yet nothing stands in way of time.

Are SureFire flashlights good?

Yes, SureFire flashlights are good because these are compact in size, light weight easy to carry as they easily fit in pocket backpack or even in camp kits.

These flashlights are mostly powered with Lithium CR123A or AA batteries which offer high power output.

As per construction of these flashlights its not only polymer but also space-age, aircraft-grade black aluminum adding extra-long shelf life to them like Surefire Stiletto Pro.

Some EDC flashlights apart from tactical flash lights also have Red & Infrared LEDs with TIR Lens.

Some of these lights even have “strike bezel” which can be used as self-defense weapon in tactical situations like Surefire E2D

SureFire Hands-free

These Hands-free lights are designed carefully for long-wearing comfort and legendary performance and durability making them ideal in most environments for its nigh exploration capabilities.

They have applied cutting-edge technology to Surefire hands-free illumination tools.

Like starting with HL1 Helmet Light in 2005 and then their Saint line of LED headlamps in 2008.

Thus, these Hands-free lights have the capability for everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to law enforcement personnel’s.

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