SOG Knives are known as functional knives and they feel great in hand made with innovation & premium materials. Shop SOG Pocket Knives, SOG Fixed Blade knives for Sale.

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Sog Knife & tools for sale

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools

SOG Knives brand is owned by SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Inc. with its headquarters in Lynnwood, WA, USA.

SOG Knives are known for best fixed blade knives, folding knives, multi tools and outdoor gear since 1986.

SOG is abbreviation of US Covert Special force operation unit named MACV-SOG (Studies and Observation Group) during Vietnam War.

The members of this unit carried a professionally designed tactical knife during their mission in Vietnam jungles.

In 1986, Spencer Frazer found SOG Specialty Knives and started reproducing the original SOG Bowie Knife to pay tribute to those personnel’s of Special OPS unit who created it.

The SOG Bowie Knife which was reproduced for commemorative purposes soon became very successful leading to different product lines by SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Inc.

SOG Knives

Spencer Frazer was born in 1955, completed his graduation in Math’s and Science worked with different industries and on different Govt. projects most importantly in USA Aerospace Defense Industry – in the Top Secret Black Projects Division – as an R&D tool/die and model maker.

During this time, he came across that tactical knife, its history and above all the functional aspects of the knife.

Being 31 years old, he start SOG Specialty Knives Inc. in 1986 which he founded and worked as its chief engineer till date with remake of same knife being used by MACV-SOG unit personnel’s as SOG Bowie Knife with retail price of USD 200.

Today, SOG Knives is considered among the true innovators in Knife Industry and won many industry awards known for best fixed blade knives, pocket knives, multi-tools and rescue tools.

SOG Specialty Knives for Sale

Shop SOG Knives for sale with discount up to 10% on all 170 + SOG knives, SOG multi-tools, SOG pocket knives and more.  Following is a list of 14 best-selling SOG Knives which are available on Special Discount deals with us.

  1. SOG Aegis
  2. SOG Bowie Knife
  3. SOG Flash AT
  4. SOG Flash II
  5. SOG Instinct Mini
  6. SOG Ops
  7. SOG Pentagon
  8. SOG SEAL Pup
  10. SOG TAC-XR
  11. SOG Terminus XR
  12. SOG Twitch II
  13. SOG Ultra XR
  14. SOG Visionary II

What locking mechanism SOG knives have?

SOG Specialty Knives is known for its fixed blades, and folding knives. They use AT-XR, XR Lock & Compound leverage locking mechanisms in their multi-tools.

What is blade material of SOG Knives?

    • SOG Knives & Tools Inc. uses Stainless Steel, 3Cr13, 5Cr13MoV, 5Cr15MoV on their low budge t knives & tools while their Mid-range SOG Pocket knives & EDC knives are made with AUS-8, D2, 7Cr17MoV, 8Cr13MoV, 9Cr18MoV.
    • For SOG Premium Knives and tools CPM S35VN, CTS XHP and VG 10 is being used as knife blade material.

What knife handle material is used in SOG Specialty Knives?

    • SOG offers so many options to its users when it comes to handle materials. Mostly SOG Specialty knives have GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon), G10, Aluminum, Linen Micarta, Carbon fiber.
    • In natural knife handle materials, SOG offers wood or leather which are directly applied to liners or tang of the knife.

Where SOG Knives are made?

SOG Specialty Knives are manufactured in USA, Taiwan & China. While the Bags such as waist packs, organizers, and travel pack specially SOG Surrept daypacks, travel packs etc. are made in Vietnam.

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