Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson knives are manufactured by Taylor Cutlery offering affordable quality yet with no compromises on quality.

Smith & Wesson Knives are of high quality and are for hunters, military or law enforcement units or even if someone wants a solid EDC knife, one can choose from 100+ Smith & Wesson Pocket Knives suiting their material preference and budget.

Smith & Wesson Knives are as always trusted by military personnel’s and law enforcement for more than a century now.

Smith & Wesson Knife buyers are aware of its blade quality which last a lifetime.

Smith & Wesson , Smith & Wesson Knives for sale
Smith & Wesson Knives for sale

Smith and Wesson Knives

Smith and Wesson is established since 1852 in Norwich, Connecticut, United States by Horace Smith & Daniel B. Wesson.

Today, Smith & Wesson after 170 years since it’s been founded is known as leading manufacturers of ammunitions, restraints, firearms and even knives, not only in USA but all over the world.

The Smith & Wesson Company was established to develop a Volcanic Rifle but Horace Smith got successful in developing a new cartridge and even got it patented in 1854, right after two years of their establishment.

Thus, from then onwards Smith and Wesson firearms were and even today are renowned for their reliability, innovative design and definitely best quality production & craftsmanship.

Smith and Wesson Knife Company

Currently, Smith and Wesson company’s headquarters are in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. As it has a legacy of 170 years to carry.

There are so many changes within the company and in its product lines too. But Smith & Wesson is a unit of AOBC (American Outdoor Brands Corporation) as per date.

A Company and brand known for sports shooting and developing innovative products to keep sport shooting competitions and challenges alive.

Smith & Wesson also sponsored different firearms sporting events all over USA to keep the vibe of challenging competitive shooting sports alive.

Who makes Smith and Wesson knives today?

Smith & Wesson started manufacturing Knives since 1974, and all Smith & Wesson Knives were made in house.

From 1986 to 1993 Vermont Cutlery Co of West Rutland VT made knives for Smith and Wesson Company.

As Smith & Wesson Company’s main core business and focus is on firearms and on security therefore, the knives production and selling rights have been given to Taylor Cutlery Company which is also almost 170 years old company founded by George Taylor.

Where are smith and Wesson knives made?

Most of Smith & Wesson Knives and accessories are made in China providing exceptionally better quality offering decent blade materials like AUS-8, 14C28N, 8Cr13Mov, 3Cr13, 4034 and other stainless steels offering different blade finishes like Titanium, TiNi, Teflon, Powder, oxide and simple bead blast finishes.

Smith & Wesson Knives Warranty

  1. Smith & Wesson Knives are covered in a limited lifetime warranty and it can be claimed by the retailer or buyer who must be 18 years old.
  2. Smith & Wesson offers warranty against proper use and against manufacturing defects.
  3. All knives have serial nos. and so as they have Smith and Wesson Knives Warranty Card with each Knife.
  4. One should present the Warranty Card having the details like, Knife Serial#, batch# and lot# details etc. Before claiming warranty.
  5. All shipping charges will be paid by a buyer to claim a warranty if the product has manufacturing defect.

Smith & Wesson product line

Smith and Wesson earned the respect in Industry through development of quality driven products with optimal performance, like Smith & Wesson Magnum Knives and other accessories.

You will find Smith & Wesson Knives, watches, axes, handcuffs, flashlights, shirts etc. with us here on our store under this category.

Being in the knives & arms Industry for so long, Smith & Wesson utilizes its experience by producing innovative and purpose built products catering to needs of not only military personnel but also outdoorsmen, travelers and adventure enthusiast.

Smith & Wesson Knives for Sale

For this,  being known as World’s finest Pistols & Rifles manufacturers they have invested their time, experience and resources in producing state of the art, high performing cutting tools and Knives.

Smith and Wesson Knives are best known for their combat or tactical use because of their purpose built designs.

You will find so many design options, material options in each of Smith & Wesson knives suiting your task and built for its purpose that you will be amazed.

As said earlier, there are so many Smith & Wesson Knives and we have them all in stock, so it will be easier for you to choose from. These are grouped in 2 main sections as under

    1. Smith & Wesson folding Knives
    2. Smith & Wesson fixed blade knives

Smith & Wesson folding Knives

You will find 150+ Smith & Wesson folding knives with us which are ideal for EDC or every day carry.

These Knives differ in terms of their locking mechanism, like Framelock to liner lock mechanism and from liner lock to button lock mechanism.

We offer lowest prices you will find online even lower than all Amazon and some of them also come in Discount deals having free gifts give away with them too as per time to time offers given by us to Smith & Wesson Knife fans.

Smith & Wesson Fixed Blade Knives

Smith & Wesson fixed blade knives are perfect for field game, cutting, slicing, camping thus, and best known for their hunting capabilities.

Most popular of them are Homeland Security Knife, HRT Knife Series and also its worth mentioning Search & Rescue Knife Series known for their high functionality desired as best tactical knives for emergency situations.

Where to buy Smith and Wesson knives for Sale?

Are you looking for an affordable Smith & Wesson Knife, or any Smith and Wesson Accessory, you will find all Smith and Wesson Knives for Sale with us.

We, Chicago Knife Works offers the best prices, free gift giveaways and much more on Smith & Wesson Knives and above all get benefit on  Smith and Wesson Knives, watches, axes, handcuffs, flashlights, shirts, daggers, etc. as per our policy. Buy your Smith & Wesson Knife for sale today!

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