Prandi Axe, Prandi Hatchet and Prandi Tools are made by Prandi Andrea & C, which are made in Italy. As Prandi Andrea & C. has produced heat cast manual tools with high quality forged with consistent passion for past three generations.

Prandi Andrea & C. is among the very few companies in Europe who are specialized their products and niche in only forest splitting tools making them standout out among others with products portfolio of more than 150 models in Prandi Axes and Prandi Hatchets.

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Prandi Axes and Hatchets for sale

Why to Choose Prandi Axes?

Prandi brand is known for its clear distinction in making wood cutting tools. While keeping the traditional methods with state of the art technology leading them to manufacture different products for every segment which are not only superior in quality but they perform much better as compared to other products available in the market.

Prandi brand has been in this business for more than 50 years and it’s all because of returning satisfied customers over the period of time.

Prandi Brands offers TOP Quality products

Prandi has diverse product catalog including not only Prandi Axes for which it is famous for but you will also find Prandi Hammers, Mallets, chisels and even levers made with HC Steel and chromium vanadium too.

All processes necessary for the manufacturing and production of Prandi products are done in-house like molds creation, sandblasting, hot forging, heat treatment, as well as from gridding, sharpening, varnishing & assembly of handles, marking, labeling and packaging.

This is all because of Prandi’s use of latest machinery which is installed in their facility operated by highly skilled craftsmen.

As, Prandi has everything done in house therefore, maintaining the peculiarities & standard of Italian artisan work is examined according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Thus, all items are properly checked for quality control and defects before being shipped out.

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