Get the lowest discounted prices on Pathfinder Gear, Pathfinder Bushcraft Camping & Survival Tools designed by Dave Canterbury with quality lasting a lifetime!

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Pathfinder Gear for sale

Pathfinder Gear by Self Reliance Outfitters

Pathfinder manufactures all its products with stainless steel and their value is “Quality”, which is given through Pathfinder’s Lifetime Guarantee covering all types of manufacturer’s defects.

They claim resolution of replacement against any type of defect on purchase and they are willing to resolve the issues.

Pathfinder Gear for Sale

Pathfinder equipment is all you need for all your survival & bush craft purposes and we at Chicago Knife Works have it all cover with lowest prices for our customers.

From Pathfinder Books & DVDs by Dave Canterbury, a well-known bushcraft instructor.

We have all pathfinder supplies and got you covered, the best pathfinder items includes, backpacks, bags, fire starting kits, knives and their canteen cooking kits are worth mentioning.

The best part is you get all these gears, tools and equipment’s under one roof with us.

Ensure your adventures with success, ease while staying in your budget with trusted tools and reliable equipment by Pathfinder.

Pathfinder Gear by Self Reliance Outfitters Warranty

Pathfinder by Self Reliance Outfitters manufactures stainless steel cookware, knives and offers claims only against manufacturing defects.

The Pathfinder brand its parent company Self Reliance Outfitters encourage its users to return the product directly back to its seller in case of any damage even during transportation.

In other words, one should return the product to its original place of purchase to claim its warranty. It can be online retailer, brick or mortar store. If someone is not living in USA, then, it is necessary to contact them so they can arrange for replacement to its nearest distributor to handle the claim.

Normal wear and tear like dents & scratches or any misuse of product(s) leading to damage like freezing the bottle, or placing the plastic cap in fire does not fall under any claims.

Always return the damage products to place you have purchase in due time so save yourself from return shipping charges.

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