Joker Knives

Joker Knives since 1987 is famous Spanish Knife manufactures, craftsmen and wholesaler distributors of sporting cutlery.

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Joker Knives for sale

Joker Knives

They are well known for their quality of Joker Fixed blade knives and with exceptional quality of Bowie Knives, Axes, Survival Knives, hunting Knives and even Joker SAWS are gaining popularity because all of them are highly functional, high performing survival tools yet all made by Hand.

Joker Knives started its operations in 1987 in Albacete, Spain known and appreciated for its craftsmanship, manufacturing of each Joker Knife with hand made it unique.

Today, Joker Knives offers a wide variety and diversity in its knives range catering to needs of campers, travelers, hunters, adventure enthusiasts and even to professional hunters apart from collectors.

The Joker brand has been successful in delivering the value to its core users and this is seen as its now ship Joker Knives in 35 different countries around the globe.

Are Joker Knives Good?

Joker Knives one of the most affordable knives, made with premium metals using premium handle materials for making their knives all by hand touching the zenith of knife making in today’s world.

Users and customers of Joker Knives trust Joker Knife not just because of its design but for its construction and materials.

As these knives features variety of blade designs such as serrate blade, gut hook and even drop point blades all depending on purpose and application of knife.

What Material does Joker Knives Use for its Knife?

The blade materials used for construction of Joker Knives Company are many as per Joker Knife Model for as an overall, you will end up buying a Joke Knife having premium 440 high quality Stainless steel,  1095 or 1075 Carbon steel and even there models having Scandvick 14C28N Steel.

For more premium and high quality steels they have knives contracted with Bohler N695 Stainless Steel or vanadium-molybdenum steel.

Joker Knives Handle Material

Similarly for handles of Joker Knives are mostly made with different types of wood like Olivewood, Rosewood, Beachwood, and bubina and even you will also find Joker Knife handles made with Micarta, G1o, Ram Horn, stag horn, bull horn and more.

The best part is all handle materials are taken and inspected for their quality and it’s made sure they are high quality then they are treated further for handles construction.

Where are Joker knives made?

All Joker Knives are made in Spain at Joker’s manufacturing facility in Albacete since 1987. It is also to note that all Knives being made by Joker brand are done by hand using premium materials yet offering affordable prices.

Joker Knives Warranty

Joker Knives offer warranty on all their products, the Joke Knife Brand will repair the product or complete replace their product with new in case of any manufacturing defect. Although, fair use policy applies on its products which means products are subjected to wear and tear on misuse and all their knives must be used for their intended purposes only.

In case of any issue Joker Knife is sent to Joker to its quality department which checks the issue and reserves rights to offer free replacement or repair services. For damage due to misuse a customer pays a reasonable repair fee for the repairs and also the shipping costs.

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