Honey Badger Knives

Honey Badger Knives offer the perfect blend of functionality, quality and comfort of use without breaking the banks. Honey Badger Knives provides excellent customer services & competitive prices as they have passion for knives and accessories.

The company have established itself as an exciting brand with excellent design and top quality manufacturing. With a passion for knives Honey Badger Knives are based in Johannesburg, South Africa being committed to bring best in affordable high quality outdoor knives & accessories. Whereas in USA sole rights of distribution have been given to Western Active LLC.

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Honey Badger Knives for sale

Honey Badger Knives

The Company started in 2014 and their Head knife designer till date is Marc Ager. Marc Ager has over 30 years of experience in the outdoor market with a lifelong passion for knives and hunting. Marc identified high demand of high quality, practical EDC Knives in the South African market which cash-strapped South Africans could easily afford.

For this, they have their knives designed yet outsourced in China, started the ball rolling and within no time, it became the sensation among knife users and collectors.

Honey Badger is an incredibly resilient animal and the knives named after this animal are also superbly designed to be tough, hard-wearing, and totally competent in varied long-term use. These light-weight knives have a very good quality 8Cr13MoV or D2 stainless steel blades that have excellent cutting ability and edge retention, but are easy to resharpen as and when needed.

Most Popular Knives for Sale

  1. Honey Badger 8Cr13MoV Stainless Knife
  2. Honey Badger Claw Knife
  3. Honey Badger D2 Carbon Tool Steel Knife
  4. Honey Badger Drop Point Knife
  5. Honey Badger Warncleaver Knife

These knives all have an incredibly smooth almost frictionless opening and closing action, facilitated by two opposing roller bearings containing a total of 18 ball bearings just like you find in premium EDC knives instead of copper washers.

Handle Scales

Honey Badger knives feature FRN (Fiber Reinforced Nylon) handle scales with ridged honey-comb pattern which provides a really good multi-directional grip. Being light in weight & slim in width, they are extremely tough, resistant to slipping even when wet (ridged honey comb pattern) and fit ergonomically in the hand.

The opening and closing action is frictionless because of ball bearings and material used are good in quality. Leading to perfect fit to finish knives you can have in your pocket in really low prices.

Western Active Honey Badger knife are now available in 50 plus different variants and the range will continue to adapt and evolve as the company listen to and react to input from the global knife community. The Knives are categorized in four different groups on basis of Knife Size, Blade Material, Blade Shape and Handle color providing maximum custom options to its customers.

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