Hen & Rooster

Hen & Rooster Knives brand since 1865 founded by Carl Bertram who is a well-known poultry businessman in Solingen, Germany.

Hen & rooster knives

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With history of almost 160 years and the tradition of hand crafted knives in Solingen, Germany.

Hen & Rooster, Hen & Rooster knife, Hen & Rooster knives for sale

Hen & Rooster knives for sale

Hen and rooster knives history

Hen & Rooster Knives was founded was Carl Bertram in 1865 and he registered its logo. As he was famous poultry business therefore, you will see Hen and Rooster a logo for this knife brand. A Proper factory was setup and it was operation then onwards. This small cutlery factory or facility produced as considered by many “The World’s finest Cutlery Since 1945”.

Hen and rooster knife company

Hen and rooster Knife Company continued producing its fine cutlery under the leadership of many family members for many years. They are knife / cutlery manufacturers as they place their logo on one side of the knife and logo of the buyer on reverse side.  They kept this practice for so many years even in 1960’s & in 1970’s you will see many Hen & Rooster Knives  having their logo on blade tang and other names on the reverse side like John-I-Son, Guttmann Cutlery, Fife Cutlery and even A.G. Russell Knives worth mentioning.

In 1975, Hen and Rooster Knives was purchased by A.G. Russel, owner of Russell Knives which not only includes the Logo or name but also the manufacturing facility. The operations went the way they meaning just like in the past, Hen & Rooster knives works as contract firm with same logo markings as seen before but, they have their own Knives having their logo alone this time. Later, in 1980, the factory in Solingen Germany was closed after almost 110 years.

Who Owns Hen and Rooster Knives?

In 1983, the firm was liquidated, and the company saw entirely new owners as the Hen & Rooster trademark and the Bertram name were acquired by James Frost owner of Frost Cutlery, Chattanooga, Tennessee USA and Howard Rabin of Star Sales which is a construction material company of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA and Hugo Schiesen of Robert Klaas (Kissing Crane Knife Company as United Cutlery which also worked it in the past), out of Solingen, Germany.

After brief time, James Frost of Frost Cutlery bought the sole rights of Hen & Rooster Knives Logo marking and distribution rights in USA. Thus, Hens & Rooster Knives started all again with Knives Industry genius businessman Mr. Frost as all knives under this brand name are once again a Symbol of world’s finest again.

Finally, Hen & Rooster ® Knives again carries the title of “World’s finest since 1945” as now Hen & Rooster Knives are owned by Frost Cutlery Knives

Where are Hen & Rooster Knives made?

After 1984 and prior to the retirement of Howard Rabin, Mr. James Frost bought the sole rights to the mark and distribution of all Hen & Rooster knives in the United States. Mr. Frost holds firm to the long distinguished tradition begun by Mr. Bertram; ensuring the superior craftsmanship of each Hen & Rooster knife. All knives of Hen & Rooster brand continue to be manufactured by highly skilled craftsman in Solingen, Germany. Through its reputation of excellence, Hen & Rooster continues carries the title of “World’s Finest Since 1845”.

Mostly Hen & Rooster Knives are made in Germany, but few knives are also made in China, Spain & Pakistan.

Hen and rooster knives for sale

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